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Hi! I am commenting to know about what you guys do before injecting yourself with Avonex. Like, what do you all do to calm yourself a little bit? Thanks for the help!

@Aleg33 Take several deep breaths, then go for it. My Avonex was in the form of an epi pen, so I didn't see the needle. Still used to get my heart racing before I injected myself. Have you considered moving onto a different DMT? I was on Avonex for three months, went onto a clinical trial, then moved onto Gilenya (fingolimod) which is a daily tablet. So much better.


I am quite shocked that you are on Avonex and you are a young person. It’s not an effective treatment. If you’re struggling with injecting go back to your health care provider and tell them you want a highly effective treatment- all of them are oral or infusion . I was on Avonex when it was one of the only treatments and towards the end I got injection fatigue and would miss injecting as a couldn’t bring myself to do it especially as I felt really like flu afterwards. Tell your health care provider you are struggling to comply Good luck and take cafe