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Covid vaccine damage payment

I have found since having the covid vaccine and the booster my MS has severely worsened, I also experienced a very bad lung infection which the specialist advised could be related to the vaccine.. Because of this I am now going through the UK government website with regards to the Covid vaccine damage payment. Has anyone else done this and if so what were your experiences?

Ooh i was just talking bout this other day, my ms was stable for years i had 1st vacc i was poorly with it but recovered but with my booster i was sooo ill ended up collapsing on landing ( having covid prob jus as bad) my ms been bad ever since had major problems with my walking all within a month of my vacc, coincidence? Im not sure, definitly not having anymore vacc tho !


its not as uncommon as you might think which is why the UK government have set up a page for people to claim compensation. I am sorry your MS has worsened since the vaccine, I hope your symptoms improve soon. I also wont be taking another booster!