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Immunosuppressed and fighting colds - any tips

Hello fellow MSers, does anybody have any tips on fighting colds while we take certain DMTs which lower our immune system? I had Omicron about 4 months ago and thankfully recovered, but since then I have started Kesimpta and have just finished my first month of injections. For the last 3 weeks I have had the sniffles and what seems like a constant runny nose and can't seem to shift it. I was hoping to speak with my nurse this week but they never turned up to the pre booked appointment so thought I might ask on here to gauge any advice or tips. Also has anybody been contacted by their Doctor reference a 4th Covid booster jab yet?

Hot weather might keep you safe im in saudi which is a desert lol i think or maybe something else in my immunity im not aware of Everyone around me get seasonal cold, flu, covid i haven't got neither of those since i started Gilenya almost on 2019 anf ive never taken a vaccine i even i sit around them and i get nothing respiratory doesn't like to cause me much problems for years I love hot drinks i hate cold coffee for example and even water i dont drink cold water


Hi @underdog not sure I have much advice on your cold situation but I believe the immunosuppression means you’re susceptible to infection/virus rather than the common cold. I’m on ocrevus and my nurse told me to just treat a cold as I would normally treat a cold. A 3 week runny nose is a bit odd, perhaps a pharmacist can advise? Also I had a letter about my 4th jab from my neuro, it said to get it when able but I can’t yet as I’ve not long since had my 3rd. Take care x