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Laser Tattoo Removal....safe?

Hi, I have a Tattoo that I hate and have booked myself in for some Laser Tattoo Removal, my question is will it bring on a relapse? The ink(which I guess is not natural?) gets broken up and ends up in your bloodstream where its your immune system's job to get rid of it, so therefore im now wondering whether this will make my already cranky bod crankier!? I really dislike this Tattoo and can't wait to get rid of it. I know this is quite a new procedure but any advise will be appreciated ....Thanks!

@Bexc , any activation of your immune system could spark a "pseudo-excaerbation". This is a temporary worsening of your MS symptoms. When the underlying cause/infection is gone, you should return to where you are. :wink:


Thanks Stumbler, I'm a bit nervous about doing it, but its most probably worth the risk!