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Ms fatigue -causes

Hi folks, I had a meeting with my ms nurse recently for a check up. I suffer with fatigue regularly, but she told me ms fatigue is only when new lesions are happening- is that what everyone else understands too? I’m awaiting mri results and have had a blood test which has showed vit d levels at 25 (apparently normal is 75?!) which I think will be contributing, but if there’s no new lesions, does that mean the fatigue is not ms related? Thanks so much and hope you have a good day! X

I’ve never heard fatigue is new lesion related, fatigue stems from the damage that has already occurred and having the illness. I was told by my consultant that vitamin D may play a direct role in myelin repair by increasing the production of oligodendrocytes. Also vit d can have a large impact on how we feel and that 60% of the uk actually have low levels


I’ve never heard of fatigue being when new lesions are happening? I suffer with fatigue daily and have no new lesions? I’ve had blood tests for vitamin d and came back low 24 was told 29 was normal. Prescribed high dose for 6 weeks now back to normal levels after another blood test to check. Still fatigued and told it’s just part of MS 😞