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You don't look sick

Hi. I was diagnosed with MS in August 2008. I normally don’t have any problems except fatigue. Recently I was at a mall and parked in handicap and got out with stares. Yes no one will know I have MS if I didn’t tell them. I have a handicap PLATE. But I felt wrong for parking there but sometimes my legs get weak after alot of walking so I did. Idk…. I need to just ignore the ignorance….

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3 months ago

@swalker313 , you have not much control over what others think……

3 months ago

Once you are entitled to park there you should not worry as Stumbler said, about what other people think although no matter what it does affect you. I had a situation last week where I going to the doctor and he is in a shopping centre. I had parked in a spot near the doctor and had my badge displayed. Like you my legs get tired after awhile but nobody would know I have MS. A car beeped at me and I thought they were wanting to know if I was going as she had an elderly person in the car. They were too far away for me to talk to them so I got out and started getting my things together when she came over and said you do no have a wheelchair badge. I was a bit confused so I didn’t say anything. Next thing she said “oh you do sorry”. I knew by her voice she was ready for a fight so thankfully I had put up the badge. I remember in the beginning I hated parking in a wheelchair spot but I am happy to now. So the more you use them the better it will get hopefully. Ann Marie.

3 months ago

You can’t tell a lot of people are disabled, a serious heart patient doesn’t appear disabled, there are a lot of people who appear physically fine so we are not alone with the ms, I get comments when on my mobility scooter (cos anyone can go and buy one) but don’t get any when I’m in my electric wheelchair! There’s no accounting for some people, it’s their problem, not yours👹

3 months ago

I appreciate the responses. Trust me I adjust accordingly…. No one knows my daily struggle…ijs

3 months ago

Going through life worrying about what others think will just hinder you. You don’t owe it to them to explain yourself, you know you are legitimate.

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