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Working out

Hello everyone!

Since I have had my symptoms… (almost 20 years) I’m finding it sooo hard to get the motivation to work out. Mind you I can’t run, or walk very far but I read somewhere that if I am able to keep trying to build muscles in my legs that I will not get as fatigued while trying to walk. I am wondering for those of you that go to the gym how do you do it with out over exertion yourself? How do you not get frustrated and quit? I am that person. The more I exert myself the less in-tune I feel with my body and I my legs don’t want to work properly. So I give up. Then I’m mad at myself because I can’t walk around a store without having to sit. Just wondering how anyone with MS has the energy? I lose motivation because i feel it is so hard. Any insight on this would be wonderful. Thanks everyone!

Also, I saw on Instagram that Ali will be on to answer our questions…??? Does anyone know how to reach her to discuss things? Thanks again everyone!

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3 months ago

Hi Kelly_hornick,
Have you about NeuroPilates as it involves improving balance and muscle tone without exhausting yourself too much? I was sceptical a year ago but I have seen great improvements in balance, tone etc for me.
Loo – K

3 months ago

@kelly_hornick , you have to find something that is enjoyable for you. Perhaps something that has a social angle to it.

But, then you have to set yourself realistic targets. It’s pointless to over-do it and wreck yourself for a couple of days. That’s a sure-fire way to kill off motivation. So, moderation is key. Start slowly, building up slowly.

Also, keep in mind Uhthoff’s Phenomenon ( If this is a potential factor for you, consider swimming or aqua-aerobics, to keep your temperature down.

Good luck and keep on keeping on. 😉

3 months ago

@kelly_hornick Like you, I have also been diagnosed for a long time. I wasn’t a gym freak so much as someone who enjoyed tons out stuff that counts as exercise (rowing, cycling, climbing, swimming)

All of a sudden – well, 2y ago, I have had to curtail the ‘normal’ output as I was suddenly wiped out with the slightest exertion. Exercise causes a rise in internal doy temperature (hyperpyrexia I think) and when you have had a CNS that has been damaged and repaired itself over a long period of time it apparently can become v. sensitive to the heat rise caused my exertion. The kind of exertion you never considered exertion. V. hard to get your head around at first.

At Oxford Brookes University here are several people who are studying exactly this in the Sports and Physiology medical teams. They work very closely with the John Radcliffe Hospital as well.

You have hit the nail on the head when you talk about knowing just how much to push oneself. Loads of opinions, no hard answers.

I am looking at the ThermApparel vest. There are others available, the discreet nature of this looks interesting.

Let us know what you learn. This is a topic that our (patient) level ( think will be advanced as much by sharing what works as waiting for research – typically 2-5y.

3 months ago

The Brookes people are lead by Prof Helen Dawes and Dr Johnny Collet.

3 months ago

I swim regularly or do acqua aerobics. The water keeps me cool. I found doing some strengthening exercises like lunges squats heel raises etc heped me to walk for longer distances as my leg muscles strenghened. Best of luck on finding a way to get motivated

3 months ago

In addition to all the other ms problems, motivation to exercise is one of the biggest problems I face . It’s silly because it helps so much. Personally I have found a few simple exercises that help me. They were found through trial and error and I use them as much as I can. I do this at home. When I can’t I don’t beat myself up about it. You will find your way. A simple leg strengthening exercise I learnt from a physio is to squat on your toes whilst holding onto something in front of you. When I learnt this it helped me so much after some practice.You will find something that changes your life just keep experimenting.
Look after yourself and good luck.

3 months ago

I do regular exercises which were given to me by physiotherapists. For me they are working and I see measurable benefits.

I could not have devised these exercises on my own.

They are tedious and boring and I have to resist over doing them.

I suggest you see a physiotherapist and see what can be done specifically for you.

3 months ago

Get thee Sen on ms society website and get yer free Mr motivator DVD, it’s funny and useful at the same time all exercises are fo disabalists too.

3 months ago

I learned that improving core strength (back and stomach) has given me better balance. The exercise bike is good because I know I’m stable and won’t fall like I might if I walked for exercise. I put a big fan behind me on the bike and I can keep upping my resistance because I’m not overheating and get a better work out. Hope this helps 😀

3 months ago

Thank you all for your responses and suggestions! I will try some of these and let you know how it goes.

3 months ago

I find that doing water exercises in the pool helps me and I stay cool without overheating. I had pool therapy about 10 years ago and I continue to do my exercise that I learned.

3 months ago

I used to use bike so often before MS but now i might fall off
Side way unlesd if i go so fast in it im better in walking /jogging/running
Streches i hope i used right word

3 months ago

I do a lot of weight training to keep strong, but I adapt workouts if I need to. I Olympic lift, but some days when I don’t feel great I will go lighter.
If my feet are too fuzzy to run then I row or ski erg instead.
I will always try my best to keep moving and I always feel better after a workout – great for a positive mind. 😊

3 months ago

Kelly, I was active, loved walking and going to the gym, at 60 you would think that little bit of vanity would have gone, no, I still want rid of my MS stomach. I have light weights and an ab curler in the front room, morning I try and do a little before my shower, squats and curls then during the evening I do a little more throughout the evening. Like you walking is hard and there are days that I get tired but feel I need to carry on. 14th of this month I am seeing a physio, we will see!! is my monthly blog, good luck

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