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What`s your well-being story

Hi! Im not usually the one to write and ask, but there come moments like this when its just a natural action.
So to the point…I understand your questions, life challenges, your ups, and down days. I`m an MS mom and have the disease for 17 years now. So the first time I met MS as a diagnose I was still a teenager and at that time, to be honest, I did not give a … for that. Symptoms came, days, like I was smashed on the wall, came and were gone. But in between everything was cool!
Now it`s another situation. Now I feel MS symptoms every day. And to add a bit crazy stuff – now MS is my best buddy 😀
When the adult years come I got obsessed with the neuroscience processes, human behaviors and I was a good example for myself to study and learn.
Already back then and now I find it kind of hard to find information, researches, real-life examples about the well-being and what to include or exclude of my life so I could live the best life possible for me.
I read and see so much emphasis on the medicine, brain, neurons, etc. (for sure it`s important and needed) but I miss the “body, mind, spirit” part that I find extremely important when living with MS.
So I thought maybe you could help me out and give some directions on where to search for MS psychology and well-being? And it would be great to read your stories as well as we can learn from each other. Thanks!
Have a great weekend!

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@aiga_akmentina , here’s a good place to start for an holistic approach:-

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