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What Should I do?

I’ve had ms for nearly 37 years. Have never been under a neurologists care. Iv been really lucky to be able to control it with diet. Well lately my fatigue is getting bad and my short term memory is getting worse. I’m pretty sure I need to start seeing a neurologist now but I’m a little frightened. I know I need to do this but I just keep putting it off.


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5 months ago

@mindy_nadaner_bosser , you’ve answered your own question.

Your fatigue and memory problems may be being caused by the worry and stress you are causing yourself about whether to go to a Neuro………..

5 months ago

mindy_nadaner_bosser wow! 37 years just with diet, you are my goals! Take your time, don’t be too hard on yourself. I understand it is so scary. I just want to reassure you that I’ve had nothing but good experiences when I see a neurologist. It’s actually very reassuring to get trustworthy advice and knowledge…rather than the googling, which can also be terrifying. I’ve also put my next appointment off until May time so I’m doing the same as yourself, but just want to wait until I’m more ready xxx

5 months ago

Hello @mindy_nadaner_bosser, well, first of all, I like seeing a neuro for diagnostic purposes, at least in your case there will be no surprises. Having discussions with a neurologist want alter, or affect anything, so hope you feel there is nothing to lose! Also, medical advances and leapt forward even in the last two decades, so who knows what a neurologist and maybe an mri will bring? Also, I don’t know how old you are, but even us MSers are prone to everything associated with gradual aging, All praise to you for managing this horrible condition with diet and your own devices. Clearly you’ve done someing right which it’s good for all of us to hear about! When you decide to go, take a friend with you who can help soak up any discussion. I would love it if you keep Shift posted! All the best x

5 months ago

Hi Mindy. From the number of years plus symptoms and how you have dealt thus you sound very similar to me. I am 67 and diagnosed with Secondary Progressive M.S. 2015 following further scans and Neurologist visits. These were because i experienced pains not known before which have since diminished but not the fatigue and lack of propulsion. Suggest you arrange a Neurologist visit for confirmation of where you are at. Worry /stress with M S is not good as you know. Please try not to be frightened. Read previous posts. We all have to get older…M S or not. Generally i am sure you know you cope well but like everything you are allowed to get a bit miserable from time to time. It is normal for anybody.Good luck x

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