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Well that was interesting

Hey all. Hope everyone is doing well. Let me get right to the chase here for once. Just had myself an interesting and potentially dangerous shower. Felt like the water hitting me was ice water. Mind you it wasn’t as there was steam so I knew there was hot water. But it felt super cold. Now I like my hot shower in the morning just as much as the next guy/girl. However when it don’t feel hot and more like you jumped in a snow bank completely naked it really messes with your brain let me tell you. I have been out of the shower now about a good 20 minutes and I still feel like I am cold. Well just wanted to share this cause I thought it was just one of those things I thought might be important to share. Not sure if anyone else has had similar instances or not as I have not read or heard anyone say it before. I have had localized things like this where hot/cold just feel like a neutral temperature but not across my whole body and it feeling like ice cold water. Just thought it was something odd and interesting and a bit dangerous.

Have a fantastic day everyone.

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1 week ago

Hi! Sorry to hear this – I know it’s super annoying, puzzling, weird and a little painful too.
When I was at my worst a month or so ago, I had this experience but the other way round. What was cooler or lukewarm water actually felt like it was burning my skin all over. It was so painful and I was scared I was going to involuntarily jerk away from the water and slip (as I was unsteady on my feet at the time). For me, this lasted about 2 weeks and seemed to go away by itself. Looking back, this was probably the time that I was most upset and worried during the flare-up. Maybe it is stress related? Either way, I’d mention it to a health pro!
Hope it stops soon for you.

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