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Tysabri to cladribine?

Hey all,

Have any of you, moved from tysabri to cladribine.
I am currently considering this as an option as I am now jc+. Probably another reason why I’ve been feeling down in the dumps( you may have seen my rant on another post). Anyway.

It feels quite hard to make the jump as tysabri has worked ( and I could in theory take it for a while longer) but I would love to try a medication that requires very limited monitoring as well as it being a chance to really hit the MS. Which cladribine is suppose to potentially offer.

It’s why I wonder if anyone went tysabri to cladribine (mavenclad) ? What was your experience?

Much love

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3 months ago

Hi. I switched from Plegridy to Cladribine, I went from being this bubbly person to feeling quite down when I was on Plegridy. I’ve just finished my second year of Cladribine, other than feeling tired in the first half of the year and going off wine 😭, I’ve felt really well on it 😊. I also think I’ve found the right balance with things too. Personally, the idea of taking anything stronger worries me so I’m hoping this actually keeps it at bay for a long time but then again I’m quite lucky because I don’t really notice my MS other than feeling tired on occasion but it’s all about the balance. Started a new degree so I have a focus, I’ve always been in the mindset that I might have MS but it doesn’t have me! For me, focusing on the positives help me feel alot better so when you aren’t feeling your best, concentrate on something that’s good.
Good luck and keep ☺.

3 months ago

Thanks @chezy17

Really great you are feeling well on it 🙂

I’m really thinking of going for this, as for many reasons it feels the right medication for me. Despite tysabri having done me so good, I want to be optimistic so will cladribine .

You’re right, concentrating on something good seems a sensible plan.

Take care

3 months ago

I sort of did. I went from Tysabri to Gilenya and now to Clardribine. Switched from Tysabri for the same reason, JC+and was sad to move on as it kept me quite stable for about 5 years. Gilenya was also pretty decent, doesn’t have any relapses, but my liver enzyme results why through the ceiling while on it so I was offered some alternatives, Mavenclad or Lemtrada.

I’ve now finished year two of Mavenclad and have no reason to complain at all. No relapses while on it so far, only side effect was a dip in fatigue levels while taking it. I did however have a rebound relapse while flushing out the Gilenya, but I’d say it was worth it 🙂

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