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Tecfidera and COVID

Hi I’m looking for some advice if poss…. I have been on copaxone for 10 years and the sight reactions are much worse which has made me seek alternative DMTs. I’ve chosen Tecfidera and got the green light so just waiting on starting. My issue is I work in public facing role for civil service and have been working from home since March due to the gov saying I’m in vulnerable group which has been fine. I would be looking at going back to work if still on copaxone, But now looking at goverment website will I be in the extremely vulnerable category once I start new meds as it states people who are taking immunosuppression drugs! I know that the MS nurses won’t tell you to shield on Tecfidera and it’s difficult to explain what the drug does in your body! My boss is Saying he will be putting me in the next category and I’m fighting it trying to explain that the drug isn’t suppressing my immune system but am I right? It does in a way? It means I won’t get to go back to my workplace for the foreseeable future and have to work for another department which I’m not relishing….
can anyone help and explain Tecfidera a bit and which category are we in?

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I am on Ocrevus so am more aware of issues involving this DMT. Dr G and Dr Boster have put out a lot of material on it. Dr Boster has them in this playlist

Tecfidera is covered about 8 minutes in here:

I am being pretty conservative although it sounds like I would withstand a C-19 infection and the after-effects fairly well. No sense taking extra risk as far as I’m concerned-

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@itsmewithms & @stumbler just want to thank you that’s helped lots 👍 xx

2 months ago

Hi @mojo I’m on Tecfidera and it honestly depends on your personal reaction to it. As long as your blood lymphocyte count keeps coming back at 0.8 or over you are considered capable of fighting COVID-19. This is most people so I wouldn’t worry too much, just keep getting your bloods checked regularly.

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I’ve been on tec for 4 years. I have worked in a hospital throughout the pandemic, occasionally treating with covid patients and have been fine. I recently had an antibody test and it was negative.

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