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Swallowing problem?

For the past 2 weeks every time I eat anything it feels as though it is getting stuck in my chest? It goes down fine and I can swallow without a problem but as soon as I’ve swallowed whatever it is I’m eating it feels like it’s stuck in my pipe in my chest if that makes sense? Does this seem MS related before I go to see my GP about it. It’s painful when it feels like the food is stuck but about 30 seconds after it’s fine until I take another bite. It’s driving me mad! Any help would be appreciated thank you xx

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6 months ago

I suffered thus for years
its helish
but these last few months I noticed an improvement or I just got used to it and found away around it without awareness

mind you i still get full so soon because of it

6 months ago

@jadeshelley , Dysphagia, problems with swallowing, also include where food “may move too slowly in the oesophagus (the tube connecting the mouth to the stomach), which causes coughing and spluttering”.

So, it may well be symptomatic of MS and one for your MS Nurse. But, it’s also wise to check with the GP too, to eliminate non-MS causes.

I would have gone to the dr much sooner for this. Might be some sort of PT for it???

Best of luck. Update after you see the dr please and ty =)

6 months ago

Choked on my brew when I saw the title 😂 mental age showing again

6 months ago


I’ve had similar problems, on and off since diagnnosis. Very frustrating more thgan anything isn’t it?.

I had a Speech Therapiist who also deals with swallowing issues assigned to me, she gave me some useful info and taught me how to eat and swallow prooperly with MS.

Mention this to your Doc to see if you could be referred to see one.

6 months ago

It doesn’t make me cough or choke or anything it’s just quite painful. I will see if I can get in at my gp… not holding my breath though lol. Thank you everyone Atleast I know I’m not just imagining it! X

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