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Is laughing a symptom that anyone has? Like for example when I was at the dentist-the suction tube kept touching my cheek an the sound would make Me laugh I know that’s super immature like I was never ever like that before being diagnosed, or in really serious moments I call it getting triggered, does this happen to anyone else??

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2 weeks ago

Yes I have been at a funeral and so pleased I got though abide with me without bursting into tears then punching the air and saying y ess z out loud. So embarrassing, it seems to be a symptom of ms we really can’t control, just go with it.

2 weeks ago

@pug1 Thank god I’m not alone
We’ll get throu this

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1 week ago

I have been experiencing anger outbreaks. I have been told by family I am getting overly emotional (which stopped me, but made me feel shit). Being angry around my family has not been good. Although my husband has been brilliant. Emotional outbursts are a symptom of MS and possibly related to lesions in the frontal lobe. I think 🤔. This is difficult because it can come on suddenly and be socially inappropriate. Speak to a neurologist for help. Tell people so they can understand.

1 week ago

Yes @dawson-mcwatch, I see/hear stupid things and can laugh uncontrollably to the point of crying. Conversely, I can be bought to teas by sentimental adverts, which is highly embarrassing. The highs and lows of life seem to adopt hysteria. Very strange!

1 week ago

Yeah the it happens to me a lot not too much anymore but it does still happen once in a blue moon, it happens at drive thru’s dentist offices like I got asked if I’d be able to finish they suggested i come back but that wouldn’t have worked for me, I bust into tears because of how embarrassed I get..

1 week ago

Yes! Pseudobulbar effect is something I find so difficult! I go to funerals and emotionally I am distraught but I spend the funeral trying not to laugh! I hate it!
Yoga classes are very awkward but when I am lieing down it is more controllable – probably the pressure being less on the area of damage in the area. I have even been caught during remembrance Sundays in the supermarket at 11 am when everything stops for the silence and I bloody laugh! I really don’t like it!!!.
I also have a crying thing.
When I take amantadine (for ms fatigue) I find that helps but I have trouble sleeping when I take it but I will take it when I know I have a funeral approaching…. Good luck x

1 week ago

Truly childish and annoying ms symptoms

I find myself laughing at my teenage daughter cause she is so angry! This doesn’t help at all!

I also cry like a f… baby in movies

These are a new new symptoms

1 week ago

Thanks for everyone’s feed back
I feel that much better knowing I’m not alone with this, I hate this symptom but you know, we all have to look on the bright side, like it’s just laughing, an if anyone has a problem with that, they’d just have to do more research about MS, I know it’s super embarrassing an it SUCKS but I also know we’ll get through this guys😊
@pug1 @stumbler @clary @vixen @caz76 @mmhhpp

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