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Am trying to get this prescribed but, getting nowhere so far. Does anybody have any experience with it. Cannabis has helped with my spasticity in the past but, am finding it hard to both source and find a satisfactory way to consume.

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1 month ago

@nobodyin , prescriptions for Sativex, like medical cannabis, are rare than rockinghorse poop.

I’ve started a discussion about Sativex with my team, but I’m not optimistic. I think they would prefer to offer me a Baclofen Pump. Surely Sativex would be cheaper than the manpower and resources needed to implement and maintain the Pump……….

We should move to Wales!

1 month ago

@nobodyin I have tried and failed to obtain medical cannabis. at present I have serious health issues and sourced help elsewhere. I will send you a Friend Request so we can chat. @stumbler without a Prescription for Sativex, we would be paying about £300 per month, unfortunately it’s not covered by the Medical Prescription Exemption Card.

1 month ago

Friend request accepted I think.

1 month ago

Although I don’t think it is technically for spastacity but rather for “nerve pain” I was taking Gabapentin for awhile and then upgraded to the extended release Gralise which has helped with this symptom if it is easier to obtain you could see if you could try that. I also avoid the cold and make sure I stretch regularly.

1 month ago

Sativex was approved by NICE for use on the NHS in November.
However, will probably take months to filter through. I am ‘on the list’ for an appointment with my neurologist to prescribe it & as she would have given me a private script for it in October ,( no way with a daughter at university to feed), am hopeful of eventually getting it.
It is the last option after everything else has been tried & you get a month’s trial to see if it works.
Also comes down to your CCG & whether they will fund it.
Worth contacting your MS team to see where they’re at with it

1 month ago

I’ve asked my MS nurse about getting sativex today. She said my neuro won’t prescribe it. I’m thinking of changing neurologist.

1 month ago

Had two squirts of sativex last week, so relaxed I ended up crawling to bed. Helped with spasticity and pain. Sourced from a friend who gets it on a private prescription. My legs are on fire tonight and Sativex wont be available, phone call to badger MS nurse and Specialist on Monday, how I cope with the pain now?

1 month ago

If your talking about smoking weed either sativa or indica both have been successful for me “Lisa” I’m 62 years of age got diagnosed at age 52 so I guess I’m a ol, hippie so yep it helps !!! Peace out always Love much ✌⚘💞

1 month ago

I think it depends on what state you live I’m in Sandiego Ca.we are pretty liberal here we have places to go and buy weed or edibles ” dispensaries” they call it Medical marijuana in Sandiego ✌⚘

1 month ago

I understand from my Neuro team

You need to have failed first on three separate anti-spasticity drugs,

Before they prescribe you Sativex…..

Whether it’s local and national guidelines I don’t know,

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