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Possible ms, itching and numb spot

So my mum has ms and i think so does my aunt. I’m just turning 17 and I’ve never had any medical issues or felt the need to be tested, but about a month ago i noticed a weird like tingley feeling at the bottom right side on the back of my neck, i ran my fingers over it so see what it was and it was really sensitive to touch and slightly painful, it didn’t hurt if i didn’t touch it so i thought I’d just see if it went, about a week later everytime i would bend my head even slightly forward it kind of felt like someone was poking me with a needle in that spot (like a small electric shock?), I kept thinking my tag on my top was scratcing me, my doctor didn’t seem to have any idea and told me to wait.
About a week later it had gone back to being sensitive again with no pain and i started to get itchy skin, it started off around that spot on my neck and just on and below my shoulder blades and then spread down my arms, back, sides and thighs, at first it wasn’t painful so i went to the doctors because there was no visible rash or discolouration until i scratched it, my doctor gave me double base gel and said it could be eczema, its been weeks since then and the itching burns so bad im literally scratching my skin off trying to stop it because if i don’t itch it its so horrible. For the last 6 years I’ve been experiencing chronic fatigue but until 4 years ago it was put down to laziness and now I’m diagnosed with depression i suppose it could be that but im not convinced :/ Obviously i know this isn’t a lot to go on but i just wanted some thoughts or maybe advice on how to stop this itchiness!! I’ve tried cold showers and compresses, ive cut my nails all the way down and i have a fan on me 24/7, thank u if u took the time to read this:)

Oh and idk if this is relevant, but recently my friends keep telling my that my eyelids blink one at a time? I’ve never done this before its been recent and it doesn’t feel like a twitch because i dont notice im doing it πŸ™

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11 months ago

Hi @libby_marie and welcome. I can understand why you’ve chosen to join us.

You need to start listing all the unexplained symptoms that you have. Just a short list, with date started and duration (if you can recall this information). You can then give your Doctor a copy and ask them to explain what’s causing it.

There is a slight genetic component to MS. If there is a history of MS in the family, then you are more likely to contract the condition. Whilst, the risk is small. it does need to be considered by your Doctor.

If it is MS, then the quicker it can be diagnosed and the quicker you can start treatment. With the treatments now available, MS is no longer the condition that your Mum, Nan and Aunt had to deal with.

So, ask the Doctor to refer you to Neurology, to investigate this possibility.

Do let us know how you get on?

11 months ago

Hello & welcome Libby.
I completely agree with Stumbler.

With me it was the sole of my foot itching I tried every lotion & potion out there to no avail. A GP told me I was allergic to the dye in the leather of my shoes.

The very first neurologist I attended said definitely not an allergic reaction, it looked like a lack of protein.
She did the usual physical examination asked me lots of health questions about myself.
However her suspicion was correct in thinking I suffer MS, the MRI results confirmed this.
She suggested treatment for the MS & hey presto no raw itchy foot.

Not one in my family either side going back generations as far as we could ever suffered MS.
So you see……..

It is better you get these symptoms checked out, Stumbler is so right in what he’s advising.

My son is 18 he came to me some months ago saying his hand was numb obviously he thought MS I had him recall retrace if you like his steps, he did, it wasn’t MS it was down to a minor injury he’d forgotten about, as I sent him down to my doctor at the time he just had to remember not to use the right hand for a cpl of days no writing. That put a smile of relief on his face.
Just thought I’d tell you this as I really don’t want you worrying. Young people just shouldn’t have to worry.
But, err on the side of caution please do get this checked.
Besides could be something very minor.
Always remain positive & Libby please do let us all know how things are.
Very Best of Luck,
Jane πŸ’œ

11 months ago

@jane_watts thank u both for the advice, I’ll get it checked and let you know πŸ™‚

11 months ago

Thank you Libby please do, we’ll be rooting for you. πŸ’œ

11 months ago

Even with the years of MS some of my pains & tingles are still only down to strains & injuries, mainly rugby but also trapped nerves etc, so don’t freak out – check out

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