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Hi everyone! Well,newly diagnosed and I feel like I’ve been hit my train 24/7. Constant headaches, feel like electricity is shocking me internmently, loss of muscle strength, muscle twitching and I,feel like my legs weigh 100 lbs each when I get really tired. Is all this normal? Are there “ms attacks” will,I ever feel somewhat normal again? Its hard to describe symptoms to,others who don’t get it. Help!

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10 months ago

Hi, Jamie
There is no ‘normal’ with MS.
It affects everyone differently, depending on what part of the nerve sheaths are damaged.
I have experienced all the above at various times and other symptoms as well.
Even consultants just shrug.
You may well be offered various treatments, all with their own joyous side effects.
Which you should take into account before you agree.
Just remember what they offer is not a cure, all they can really do is suppress the symptoms for a while.
Yes there are MS attacks, and that too will vary from person to person, each of us will have our own triggers, mine is stress and heat.
Try and stay calm, in spite of the sometimes over-whelming panic.

10 months ago


I echo what stigmadelta says, MS treats people differently some the same as each other, some different.

Your symptoms are exactly like mine, will you ever feel somewhat normal again?…. In a word no but, with right meds and treatment you could get very close.

MS attacks are referred to as flare ups or relapses depending on which form of MS you have, RR MS is where the MS remits and you feel okay then relapses and you back to feeling crappy.

10 months ago

Hi @jamie_elrod and welcome.

Yes, feeling like you’ve been hit by a train sums up the reaction to receiving a diagnosis of MS. Your brain is probably racing at 100 mph going through the why’s, how’s, etc., and not coming up with any answers!

Give up the search now, there are no answers. So, sit down, put your feet up and take a long breath. You need to chill out and relax yourself. You can use this time to do some basic research about your newly-discovered enemy, MS. Don’t use Dr. Google, as they tend to find out of context situations, which will only scare you. Stick to creditable websites, like the MS Society and MS Trust.

Here’s a link to some introductory reading, follow the “Newly Diagnosed” button :-

So, rest up and let your brain have free rein to set about recovering. If you can, a bit of moderate, light exercise will help. But, otherwise, live healthily, eat healthily and avoid stress.

You’ve probably got a raft of questions, so feel free to post them.

10 months ago

Hello @jamie_elrod, as you are newly diagnosed it may be that youโ€™re recovering still from a relapse. Hopefully, you will start to feel better soon. Focus on as healthy living as possible. Get lots of rest and keep stress at bay by being picky with people and potential situations. All the best ๐Ÿ™‚

10 months ago

Hi @ Jamie-Elrod and welcome to our exclusive club! I’m sorry about your diagnosis but its no longer the doom & gloom it used to be, I have no doubt you will soon be on a DMT, which one I don’t know, it will depend on age, your type of ms,etc.,your ms teamwill decide,but whatever it is, take it from an old codger who has had the beast for25 years were always here for a natter. When I dxd 25 years ago when there were no DMT’s available,so things gave changed dramatically, and life should be a lot better than it used to be. We’re all here for you, you can have a rant,a celabration, a moan, whatever you want. You won’t do doing or saying anything we haven’t said or done ourselves, and don’t forget there’s no such thing as a silly question with ms. ๐Ÿ˜

10 months ago

Have you met your MS nurse yet? S/he will hopefully become your best friend! The time between diagnosis and starting treatment is dreadful as I recall, so sending a big hug your way. I can reassure you that with treatment comes support from the clinical team and you won’t feel so alone with this. Look forward to symptoms (gradually) settling and to claiming your life back. This site is full of people who have been there and come out the other side! x

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