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Ms and mri

Hi reasonably new to site, have had various symptoms left arm and hand buzzing sensation and numb last 2 fingers, right side which is my dominant side is weaker with issues of grip and dexterity, both arms feel fatigued after doing minor things like filing my nails. Wanting to pee all the time and dropping off to sleep on sofa. Was seen by physio who ordered a mri full spine, waiting for MDT meeting for outcome, spinal surgeons or neurologist, x2 areas of spine lumbar and cervical showed some degeneration but no intrinsic lesions as far as the physio is concerned, does this all sound more Like ms or orthopaedic. Feel like I’m going mad as get different sensations daily, uncomfortable ribs cannot really explain the exact sensation, feels as if I need to take bra off to release tightness.

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MS is a hard disease to diagnose and if you put the various tags you see at the end of your entry into the magnifying glass in the upper left you will see past conversations of the topic. For some people it took years to be diagnosed after their initial symptoms and only after diagnosis some people recognize the symptoms they have been experiencing are indeed MS.

That is how it happened for me. We headed out for a good walk at a big state park one summer day. We had a 2 year old with us so we picked a paved trail with a good good view and playground at the end. The whole way one of my feet was sticking out a 30 degree angle. I was walking like a penguin. It didn’t hurt but I couldn’t make my foot stick straight forward. I was referred to a neurologist at the U of M with a strength in MS studies and through MRI and examination he confirmed MS. Then I asked him if some of the things I had experienced in the past (being able to lift my leg in and out of a car, bit of vision issues, etc) had really been MS and yes, they had probably been MS related but passed off as a pinched nerve, optical migraine, etc.

While most MS lesions are in the brain many people also get them on their spine. Whenever I have symptoms I go in for an MRI (4 times this year now) and they look for lesion activity. They used to just do brain MRIs but one time I was obviously having issues and there was no bright spots in the brain MRI so I was ordered in again and they did a spine and found the activity there. Now they most often do them both right away, with and without contrast, as they are both likely needed anyways. There are some newer machines where they don’t need to use the contrast. Some people have issues with the Gadolinium dye/contrast. I do not but yesterday when I had an MRI they sent me out with a bottle of water and told me due to the dye I was to drink extra water to flush it. I don’t remember them doing that before so maybe a new red flag has been raised due to it’s usage. Apparently if they use a 3T MRI machine it may be sensitive enough they don’t need the dye which results in less time in the MRI machine and no contrast risk.

Good luck on your appointments. Ask lots of questions. To help me know what to ask check a lot of sites and this one is a good one to understand what symptoms people have and now they manage them with and without DMTs.

Welcome- there are a lot of people from the English isles on this sit it seems but if you use the searches/map you can see there are people here from all over the world so it is a good resource.

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@ angela_armstrong_1 , as @itsmewithms states, the answer is yes and no to your question.

We wouldn’t begin to attempt a diagnosis for you. This is the domain of your medical professionals. Just be patient. It’s why we’re called patients (patients)…….. 😉

Stumbler and itsmewithms, thank you for your replies. I have looked at other ppl experiences and symptoms and can relate to some but not all. All I know is that my upper body feels strange. I’m a medical nurse but still

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Hi @angela_armstrong_1
You do sound rather like me, I am in the process of tests etc! They found I have cerebral and cerebellar atrophy (wasting of brain) I have also been diagnosed with IIH.
The chest symptom you describe is what I get and it sounds rather like ms hug. I too find small things a struggle at times, like putting my hair up or going upstairs.
It’s so frustrating waiting for a diagnosis I’ve been in limo land since March.
Just keep pushing at the doctors cause they do have a habit of letting us patients down. All the best xx

Hi Hayley many thanks for your reply. At times I wonder whether I will ever get to the bottom of why I’m like this. What is IIH if you don’t mind me asking. Best of luck x

1 month ago

Hope this gives you an explanation 🤔

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1 month ago

I doubt that anyone in this forum has every had ALL of the MS symptoms possible…at least I hope not ;-0 We are all special unicorns with different symptoms. Keep in mind that we all have lesions in different places…in our spine or brain so I think that impacts what our symptoms are. From what I read it sounds like they are finally linking together symptoms and lesion placement.

But- the caveat, with so many issues/diseases with similar symptoms diagnosis can be complicated and requires a good neurologist and appropriate tests, typically an MRI.

1 month ago

No easy answers but one thing I can add to the mix: your mental state and your physical state are very connected. That’s likely true of any condition, but if your symptoms do turn out to be neurological, they will definitely respond negatively to stress. Think of it like trying to control butterflies in your stomach when you’re nervous – impossible! But why were they there in the first place? Answer: down to stress. I had a prime example of this early on with MS. I’d been diagnosed and was about to start treatment, and my affected leg was behaving ALMOST normally. Waiting outside the neuro’s consulting room I was looking forward to telling the consultant how much better things were. My name was called and I took the few steps to the office – and as I did so my leg suddenly gave way and I limped badly through the door. I was furious and blurted out to the neuro how unfair this was, given how things had been since I’d seen him last. He just laughed – this is what typically happens, he said, and I wasn’t to worry my head about it…. While you’re going through this awful ‘limboland’ process, I recommend you direct as much emotional energy as possible in de-stressing. Give yourself treats, eat and drink what you fancy, spend time with undemanding people and try for gentle exercise. xx

Many thanks for all of your replies it actually helps knowing that there are other ppl out there who understands. Headaches, tiredness and arms that are tired even doing the smallest things,

1 month ago

Hi, if I am repeating stuff from earlier posts I apologize my eyesight has been permanently damaged by optic neuritis and reading hurts my eyes. When I was diagnosed I had multiple blood tests to rule out vitamin deficiencies and other diseases that mimic MS like lupus, Lyme disease, and other illnesses. Once my blood work came back as negative and my numbness in my legs remained my GP referred me to a neurologist. He gave me a brain and a spine MRI without and with contrast. A spinal tap, and an evoked potential test. All of these tests together led to me being given a definite diagnosis of multiple sclerosis
I was lucky to get my diagnosis in 2 months and start on a DMT. I know that being in limbo with odd sensations and doctors get stumped for answers to your questions is very frustrating. Happy you found this forum as everyone here is friendly helpful and knowledgeable. Dont be afraid to keep asking questions. Fingers crossed for a non MS diagnosis. All my best to you.

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