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MS and low mood

Hi, I’m new here and just joined today.
I’ve had MS 26 years and in my early years would have spasmodic mood swings which was treated with various anti depressants. About 6 years ago I took up meditation and changed to a plant based diet with little sugar which has improved my symptoms massively to the point I’ve not taken any anti depressants for 5 years.
Does anybody here suffer with that symptom and what strategies other than/ or alongside tablets do you use to get you through low times?

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2 years ago

Hey @affibelle Welcome to the site. I hope you find being on here useful. I’m intrigued to know more about the plant based diet? I’m currently on citalopram 20mg for my low moods. It’s helping me but I’d like to know more about diets/foods i can try.
Take care x

2 years ago

Hi I first began with the Clean and Lean diet by James Duncan eradicating processed foods and sugar from fruit and carbs like potatoes. I started to get a bank of “go to” recipes by Ella Woodward a UK blogger (Deliciously Ella). I then read Overcoming Ms by Prof George Jelinek and began omitting animal products fully but slowing myself fish. Apparently The Wahls protocol is popular but I prefer The Overcoming ms diet because it follows on the research of Professor Swanks research about saturated fat which I always followed from my diagnosis and George Jelinek has refined that research. Apologies for such a long reply but I hope that gives you some research to begin with. Be healthy X

2 years ago

Hi @affibelle and welcome.

I’m afraid that mood swings go with the territory with MS. But, acknowledging this as a problem allows you to manage it.

It’s OK to feel sorry for yourself, but we have to think of those close to us. So, we have to maintain a good mood to avoid creating an unhealthy atmosphere. So, take yourself away if you’re feeling low. Hide in the toilet or something. Have your moment, even a few tears, then compose yourself and rejoin the family.

2 years ago

@stumbler, wise words and strategies I’ve used lots in the early days along with medications. I meditate daily now and if I feel I’m gonna have a meltdown take myself off to meditate for 5 mins. Does the trick now 😀 I’ve just discovered The thought app on here. It’s very good!

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