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Manual wheelchair

Morning everyone.
I’m looking into getting a manual wheelchair but just wondering if it might be too hard physically.
I’ve no problem with my arm strength but I would want to be using it for days out.
I have used a mobility scooter on holiday but would prefer to use a wheelchair. No offence to anyone that uses a scooter.
Just wondered if anyone could give me some advice on how practical or hard it could be.

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5 months ago

Hi @ bluesky69 there are so many to chose from and a huge range of prices. Do you want one that folds up and goes in the boot of the car? Terrain makes a huge difference as well I.e. City streets or rough country roads, all these things have to be taken into account. I’m not a manual user cos mines electric but there will be lots of people on this site who have had to redort to one so there will be lots of info and suggestions coming your wayπŸ‘πŸ‘‚πŸ˜œ

5 months ago


Maybe I am missing something; why would you want a manual wheelchair? A woman in our apartment uses an electric wheelchair; I watched her walk her Service dog, then drive it through the snow to pick up the poop (Canadian law says we have to…)

When my turn comes, this is exactly what I will be looking for… Drive from Point A to Point B then park the wheelchair while taking out the key. Then walk the rest of the way.

Just my thoughts…

5 months ago

@bluesky69 , it seems that you have reached the stage where the acquisition of a wheelchair is a logical step forward for you. It will provide benefit and becomes a “comfortable” decision to make.

Do contact your MS Nurse about your thoughts, as the NHS can supply a wheelchair for you. But, more importantly, they will arrange to measure you, to ensure that the wheelchair is the “right size” for you.

I have a self-propelled wheelchair. This gives me an air of independence, but also allows me to be “pushed around”.

5 months ago

I would have electric one…. my opinion …All depends how quick you are deteriorating….Best case scenario I would have both, I have both i hardly Ever use the manual one…

5 months ago


My wheelchair one can take off wheels at literally a pop, quick snap on it’s light weight but, I agree with @stumbler mine is measured for me correctly sized it’s manual folds into car.

Received a phone call today from my OT, I’ve been awarded/granted a ‘Smart Max 2’. Which you attach to the wheelchair very simply charge it as you would a mobile phone. Wearing the bracelet provided with the smart max is a tap it powers the wheelchair via Bluetooth. (You yourself steer, so hopefully no crashes for meπŸ€”πŸ˜‚)
Still can’t believe the HSE (NHS) with you have very kindly granted this to me.
Smart max delivered this day week & training included.

Giving you a view of what can be attached to our manual wheelchairs customised to an individuals needs

5 months ago

Thanks everyone for the replies

5 months ago

I’ve just had my first outing in my self propelled chair.
It’ll keep you fit!
Even the slightest gradient you soon notice it on your arms!

Also noticed you get priority over electric chairs, they give way to you.
I’ve got an electric buggy too but if it’s not to busy I’d rather go under my own steam, while I still can.
Happy trails.

5 months ago

I have a manual chair. My wife usually pushes me around but I can wheel around in it.,I rented a chair that was push only and have been in push only chairs at airports. Definitely get one you can wheel yourself. Good Luck!!

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