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Looking on the bright side

Decided to make a shortlist of positive things about my condition rather than dwell on all the dark stuff. Its just for fun really but yeh, maybe you can relate to some of these and perhaps add some of your own=)

1) It can actually make you feel elated sometimes if the right wire gets tripped!

2) Those push button disposable lighters that sometimes dispense sharp static shocks, well, I just don’t notice that anymore!

3) (this is naughty but i’m sure we all do it) If i’m feeling down i’ll go and find people to tell them I have MS.

NB, This is NOT for attention, this is just to see if they are type ‘A’ or type ‘B’

Type A:- “Oh you have MS, omg! I am so sorry!” *yeh right! ^^*
Type B:- “Oh goodness! You look well on it though…” *growls inside*

oh nearly forgot type ‘C’

Type C:- “Do you, I have a MAC had it for years!” *speechless*

5) I can laugh about ATOS sessions now (if your working you probably need to look that up)

6) If I spill someones pint I can both have an excuse and not give a damn if they don’t believe me and hit me anyway!

7) I can mow lawns deliberately wrong and feel totally justified!


If you can think of things positive about ms and i’m sure some of you will have some or think of some, please add to this, would love to see what ya come up with 🙂

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8 years ago

sorry i dont know what to call you but its good to see you still have you sense of humour …….take care and i wish you well…ian g x.

8 years ago

I like your style! i am, insanely, reminded of the Monty Python song….Always Look On the Bright side of Life!
There is always Type C:
Is it catching?
Yes, and your not leaving till I lick your face…

8 years ago

I have just sat here and laughed out loud! This is brilliant! I have one to add i spose..
My work colleagues dont send me on the tea/coffee run anymore. They like to drink their tea, not wear it!!

8 years ago

OK there is:
8. I get a seat on a bus/train. Simply stare and say, “does your laptop need a seat?”
9. I can leave parties early with a good excuse.

8 years ago

10, my friends like it when we’re out as i need to sit so they have an excuse to sit down with me when their heels are killing them

11, I am very popular at xmas as i can get parked in a town centre near the shops when its christmas shopping time

12, when on steroids and am not with it i can tell people what i really think…and can always blame the drugs at a later date!!!!!!!!!!!!

there are loads of positives and on a more serious note the ms has made me who i am and whilst i wouldn’t have chosen to have MS,I am glad that it has made me stronger, more appreciative of life and so i enjoy it more on my good days and i am a more rounded individual on the whole and in a way i wouldn’t be without it – not that i have a choice in the matter !!!!!!!! 🙂

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