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Limbo pain….

Still in limbo after 5 years. Last week or so and more so after last couple of days my muscles and joints have felt just weak! Almost like when you have the flu but with no other symptoms. I can’t have anymore time off work or I will be on a last warning and I’m just wondering what medication is best to take? And whether you would rest or try to excersisze/stretch through it? Thanks for any help.

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8 months ago

Hey! I’m so sorry to hear you’re in pain and limbo! It really depends on what kind of pain it is. I’ve experienced many different kinds and have been on many different medications for it, but stretching/exercise and rest helps the most. You want to make sure you move around otherwise the pain gets worse for me, but I also have to take many breaks and rest. Physical therapy has helped me tremendously and showed me so many different stretches for different parts of my body. During my sessions I will have to take many breaks even so I don’t get too overworked or fatigued. I hope you find what works best for you! Best of luck!

8 months ago

@blagaman182 , how was the holiday? We didn’t over-do it, did we?

But seriously, limboland is a soul-destroying place to be. You know something is wrong, but nobody can tell you what!

It’s going to be difficult to get hold of any medication without a prescription. A trip to your GP would involve more time off work. Unless your GP will write a script based on a phone call?

The other option is to call in to your local pharmacist and ask their advice. There may be some Over-the-counter (OTC) meds which may help. Bear in mind that infections, e.g. a UTI, can also lay us low.

8 months ago

Five years in limbloland sounds far too much. What’s going on?

8 months ago

@cameron basically I had an ‘isolated incident’ 5 years ago and nothing major since. Am seeing a neurologist in 2 weeks hopefully will get a scan to see if any new lesions. @stumbler holiday was good and bad! Was worried about symptoms for a while and the concrete bed didn’t help much haha

8 months ago

@blagaman182 , hmmm, it’s the bad bit of the holiday that is the problem. I can’t advise on the bed , but the worry just isn’t good for you. You don’t want things to become a self-fulfilling prophecy. And, the brain can work against us.

As @cameron eloquently reminded us,

“don’t dwell on possible awfulnesses, because
a) they will likely never happen; and
b) if they do, you will have lived them twice.”

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