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Leg pain

I had a relapse a month ago after a day in town, all of a sudden I had physical pain in my legs knee to foot and my feet were burning and legs sensitive to touch. My ms nurse prescribed gabapentin 300mg 3 times a day but has yet to make a difference. How long do I wait to see a difference before telling the nurse? I’ve gone from an active walker to barely managing 100 feet, and then suffering for 24 hours afterwards? Sorry for long post x

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1 year ago

My legs feel the exact same way, but now it’s spread to my entire body pretty much. Still worse in my legs though. The burning and sensitive to the touch thing bothers me the most. I’m now up to 1200mg of gabapentin 3 times a day. It has yet to do anything for me. Unfortunately I have no idea how long it takes to fully see if it makes a difference. Google says that you should notice a difference in one to two weeks, but it may take longer. It says it may work right away. I hope this helps and that you find relief soon. My doctors appointment is coming up and I think we’re trying lyrica next since I’ve tried the max dosage of gabapentin. Best wishes!

1 year ago

Thanks, have appointment with my neurologist in 4 weeks so hopefully he’ll suggest something x

1 year ago

@hartleybear , you shouldn’t always blame the MS when things happen.

First things first, I’m not medical in any way, shape or form. Having said that, I don’t believe that MS would cause a sudden, physical pain.

MS can cause burning and other sensations, but this is the brain misinterpreting the signals it is receiving. There should be no actual burning and the legs shouldn’t be sensitive to the touch.

This may be why the Gabapentin hasn’t had much effect. Gabapentin is used to mask neuropathic pain.

It may be worthwhile having a chat with your GP about what happened.

1 year ago

@stumbler I will mention it to my GP. I keep a diary and noticed I’d written in July that I had the burning sensation in my feet but it must’ve worn off because I mentioned to my GP in August that my shoes felt like they were too tight but my feet didn’t look swollen, a week later is when my legs started to hurt. I’d been in town all day and my feet ached. Put them up for half hour when I got home and it was then my legs hurt and I struggle to walk more than 30 feet, and it’s a slow process. I keep losing my balance too. I looked on ms website and saw a few people with similar issues. I can’t see how it can be anything else but I will ask GP.

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