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I need some advice, I inject myself with plegridy twice a month but this time I’m so anxious. I should have injected on Friday and I still haven’t managed to do it.
Does anyone have any tips on how to get over the anxiety I feel silly but at the moment I feel I can’t do it.

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6 months ago

@superman , you need to sit down and analyse your concerns.

Is it a needle-phobia? Side-effects? Or the fact that there’s seemingly no end to this fortnightly ritual?

Do you have a partner/family that could help you get over this bloc?

6 months ago

I don’t have a needle phobia I’m fine with needles, it’s due to me being so anxious and hating what my body has done to itself.
I called my MS nurse and told her I need to change medication, and said I feel depressed. She istantly said, “Plegridy does have this side affect” and told me to have a break from it.
She is going to make me an appointment with my Neurologist to talk things through.

1 week ago

Hi I’ve been injecting Plegridy since April 2016 and still get anxious on injection night. I could not bring myself to injecting in my arm and had a phobia about injecting in the leg and hitting a major vein – irrational I know but it added to the anxiety. I found it easiest to inject in the stomach and on consulting my MS nurse she said it was ok to stick to the stomach area. Yes, I also have some of the side effects that they cite but compared to the alternatives I have decided to stick with this drug. It does get easier with time. Good luck

1 week ago

@superman I injected Avonex for a year with no problems. All of a sudden an irrational fear and anxiety took hold and I could do it. My GP wouldn’t help even though it was a ready filled pen. For the next 2 years I visited a very patient friend every Friday morning before work and she kindly did it for me. I did what I had to because the alternative was really bad anxiety and feeling stupid for not being able to do such a simple thing especially after doing it for a year.
Be kind to yourself and find a way that gets the job done with minimal stress and guilt. Good luck and keep well. 😀

2 days ago

I was really anxious on my 1st shot of plegridy, so much so I locked the auto injector. 2nd time round I was also massively anxious: shaking, and very panicked. So, I sat and waiting until I was distracted by something else and then proceeded with the injection before my mind had a chance to catch up with what I was doing. It might not wok everytime, but it worked for that one for me.

It might be worth taking a break anyway, even if you don’t have needle phobia – needle fatigue can be a thing, and maybe taking the break will allow you to refocus and get back to it when your break is finished up.

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