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Hello everyone,
I’m looking for some advice on
– what to do about fatigue that gets worse, and worse as the day gets later. Most things are more possible in the mornings than toward the end of the afternoon. I have tried a little chocolate in the morning, which seems to make me more sleepy. I don’t consume caffeine in tea or coffee, but I’m considering restarting a former long term caffeine/coffee habit. I gave up coffee around 15 years ago. I am also vegan and take vitamin B12 every day, as well as vitamins C, D3 and iron supplements (increased on doctor’s advice after a blood test showed anaemia). I tend to do better after sleeping, but a 20 minute/ 30 minute sleep in the afternoon doesn’t seem to help either.
– What to do about an ‘intention tremor’in my right hand. Neurologist says there isn’t much to be done about this. Physios have suggested different things like a weight on my wrist or a tension bandage on my arm, neither of which have helped.
Any suggestions for either problem would be welcome.
Thank you

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1 month ago

@drwendy , fatigue is a difficult one. Usually it’s down to management of the fatigue, i.e. pacing yourself through the day.

There are a couple of medications which might help, Amantadine and Modafinil. Amantadine does not work for everybody. And, you may have problems getting modafinil prescribed.

There’s an article on Tremor here :- ,

which you may have read already.

1 month ago

Good question fatigue I suffer from it to have to say having coffee after lunch and at coffee time 3 00 in the afternoon I’d say gave me a bit of energy

1 month ago

I’ve been trying to explain fatigue to my husband and it doesn’t help that is a word in the general vocabulary. He thinks that maybe if I just get in better shape it will go away…ughh…and then I think there are several forms of fatigue that people can get.

I feel fine when I first get up (providing that I actually slept ok 😉 but I just, basically, tire more easily than I used to. I really need to pace myself. Be active an hour and then plan for a rest before do I do something else and I can maintain all day. BUT if I over do it at any point of the day then I am just done. So- I just try to pace myself and to not set my expectations too high or plan on too much without breaks. I also plan my “big thing” of the day as early as possible as I find that my limited endurance is longer in the morning than the afternoon.

I was surprised that Dr Boster gave a thumbs up for caffeine and I know he hates sodas.. he must think we are willing to drink coffee like he does ;-0 can’t do it!

1 month ago

@drwendy this is really a hallmark signature of MS and for good reason. Just imagine it is believed that your own bodies immune system is in attack mode believing that there is bacteria in the myeline that insulates nerves throughout our bodies. You can take steroids or do speed, drink a lot of caffeine beverages but that is all unhealthy and not recommended.

1 month ago

I feel fatigue as all of us but it hasnt stopped me function or made me coach potato asi used to be when i was first diagnosed 🙂
but unfortunately, i over drink coffee and tea
and im not vegsn not planning to be
but im a bad eater i hardly eat any full meal im so slim more thadn i was supposed to be in my age

but cant deny when i stop caffien im so slow in everything fatigued also its the main reason i consume it

1 month ago

@drwendy I’ve discovered (although probably already knew just didn’t want to admit it!) that sugar is my enemy. The more sugar I have the more fatigued I get and the more sugar I crave. Over Christmas I consumed more and more chocolate and cake and there was a direct correlation with fatigue and general unwellness. I went cold turkey 3 days ago and hey-presto I felt so much better in less than 24 hours!

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