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Get out of my way sun!

Is anyone as irritated by the sun and heat as me?
I can’t go 5 mins without feeling hot and sweaty, direct sunlight and heat make me grumpy.
I tried escaping this crazy weather in the mall, and now I’m exhausted from all the walking. 😛 Not sure if this is MS-related, but I need a break from the summer.

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1 week ago

Hi Tania
I have the same problem. I do not react well to the sun. My MS nurse said that it is called Uthoffs phenomenon which is a temporary worsening of symptoms due to a raise in temperature.
Hope this helps.

1 week ago

It does sound like Uhthoff’s phenomenon. I have the same effect – and lots of other weird things . My colour vision which is normally fine goes completely black and white, among other things.

I gather in the days before MRI scanners it was used as part of the method of diagnosing MS. If you had apparent MS symptoms they put you into a hot bath and saw if the effects got worse, then improved when you cooled down again

1 week ago

Is the sun that yellow thing seen rarely in the sky here in Scotland?

1 week ago

I’m the opposite, I feel better in the heat than I do the cold, I just don’t like it warm at night. Some natural Vit D 😊☀️.

1 week ago

For those of you who want to know about Uhthoff and his phenomenon :-

1 week ago

I like the heat because I am from Seville but things like standing up are much more difficult …

1 week ago

I don’t think I’ve ever coped well with being roasting but now my legs feel particularly heavy when it’s hot. But when it freezing out and I get out of a warm car in to the cold it’s like John Cleese and the ministry of funny walks.

1 week ago

The cold weather affects me too, I use to love cold showers in summer, but not every time I use cold water, my left legs feel numb… so apparently I am very sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Why does everything have to be so complicated with MS? 😛 And how do you deal with Uhthoff’s phenomenon?

1 week ago

I could never stand the sun hitting me in summer in our hot country Spain. Right now I’m at the beach and I’m either into the sea or under the umbrella but I don’t think in my case it’s MS related by that my skin is so so sensible to it. I get burned easily etc.

On the other hand I have read about the heat being bad for us but I’m running now in summer and while I avoid the hottest hours, I don’t feel specially bad because my body overheats.

I guess as everything with MS it’s different for each person.

1 week ago

Everything is more complicated because of the lack of myelin so you need to keep an eye on the things that may benefit or damage your emotions and your body. After years I find .learning,diet,meditation and sports the best way to cope with MS!

1 week ago

It’s been way too hot this summer I don’t do well in cold but at least you can put on more clothes, has, gloves, as necessary. I’m eating for it to cool off (I’m in Kansas) a waiting for cooler weather. 😎

1 week ago

Yes I am very bothered by heat; it triggers the worst pain. When its hot I can not be outside or tolerate the sun light and heat.

Its like I am being fried even my eyes hurt with burning pain. My legs, feet, face and arms.

I do experience these all the time but it gets worse with heat. I have to be with air conditioner constantly.

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