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Failing university

I’ve been a undergrad for 5 years now I have finally made it to my final year my assignments were due 2 weeks ago but I’ve been a big mess, with depression and anxiety. I applied for extenuating circumstances hoping to get a sick note by Monday but my gp didnt get it done. I feel to quit. I really don’t see another option 😞😞😞

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6 months ago

Hi @kandyloss, I assume you’re at uni in the uk. Are you in touch with your local ms society.? Call the ms society on Monday morning, if you’ve got ms you will get help and extra time. If you haven’t told the university you’ve got ms, don’t worry, they can still help. Please don’t give up when you are this closeπŸ₯ŠπŸ‘‚πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜

6 months ago

@kandyloss , the university shouldn’t need a sicknote. A confirmed diagnosis of MS should be enough for them to allow some flexibility on deadlines, etc.

After all, it’s in their interests for you to succeed as well as yours.

So, please consider this over the weekend. This is the culmination of five years effort for you.

6 months ago

I work at a university in the UK, and your course should support you with extenuating circumstances. Have you informed your course that you have MS? I agree with Grandma, you are so close, don’t give up.

6 months ago

Sorry that this has happened. I’m at university too and in my 2nd of now 4 years. My university have a letter from my neuro on my file and this is enough for me to always get deadlines extended beyond the normal 2 week extra rule for anyone else. I also am in receipt of the disabled students allowance which has provided me with assistive equipment for my assignments and 1:1 support. Your university should have a disability advisor if you are in the UK who can hopefully be a source of support. I personally found that I had to really advocate for myself at the beginning and use many illustrations, facts and stories to explain to the tutors and principal what living with MS is like and once they had an understanding of it, they were better able to support me.

Although this feels incredibly overwhelming right now, remember how much work you have put in and you are under a year away from completion. Ask anyone around you to help you out with practical things (meals, shopping etc) so that you can focus on doing what you need to do. Remember that the ms society and ms trust all have helplines too and you can call Samaritans if you need to talk it out with someone who will simply listen.

Wishing you all the best and cheering you on

6 months ago

Never give up put all your focus to your education it will remain with u foriver

I was daignosed with MS in high school passed the latest years of highschool apart from one subject i disliked its teacher and I couldnt get it into my mind got -11 grades out of a 100 and I got my first symptom during the finalle

First two years of uni my grades were A+. B+ A
Things like that afterwars I started interferron and I failed in statistics class twice

Final year when i was working fir university at a kindergarten i got a symptom in my leg abd because i’d very much like to keep my illness a secret I traveled to New York saw a prof he w
Asnt great i cried came bk and its relapsing remitting so i recovered
I graduated with C+ 340 out of 5 because I stopped working for uni and traveled at that time MS wasnt common in my country

Vut at the end I graduated which gave me better chances to travel to the uk volunteer and study English

6 months ago

Now after 15 years of daignosis i have a job but nit great one because my grades were t great but my certificate supported me

6 months ago

I don’t know which university you attend. I was recently at an institution that had a good disability service.

The Student Union ought to have a welfare function and they ought to be able to help and guide you.

If you have previously had extensions etc they will be well aware of your MS. I am not sure why you would have to get another GP letter.

Does the University have its own health service? They ought to understand your needs better.

Good luck and don’t jack it in after all this time and effort!



6 months ago


Waited long enough to respond; waiting to read other responses. πŸ˜‰

Whether you graduate from University or not is irrelevant – that does not define you are as a person. I went to University for 5 years until they kicked me out. What I received was NOT a piece of paper – I made friends who have been with me for 35+ years.

The educated world claims you need that piece of paper – for what??? So they get their paychecks by others following their recommended path in life? Ignore their recommendations – find good people to have as your friends; cultivate them…

Anything & everything a University can teach you – you can learn on your own! It is friends & your motivation that will make your future enjoyable…

6 months ago

I had the same experience with school. I didn’t realize it at the time but I was having an exasperation which was affecting my cognition. I had one semester left to attain my masters but could not continue. I became worse, had MRI and it was confirmed. I had been under so much stress with school, living situation, etc. It had been 20 yrs. I had not heard from MS.

I do not regret this decision at all. If you are wondering if to quit or not
Either way itsyour decision…there is no right or wrong here even if u feel your so close…you can stop at any time its not a big deal, truly not a big deal. Do what is best for you.

6 months ago

Hello @kandyloss, all the advice above is golden. To add: the toughest part of our diagnosis is that we have to become our own advocates. The help will be there, but you need to go get it. At the moment, everything is overwhelming you and it’s difficult to find a way through. It might not be easy, but there is certainly a way. The Uni will not want you to fail, they have invested in you as you have them. You are an MS Warrior and have done so well to get this far. You are on the home straight, genre all your strength and resources and go get that degree x

6 months ago

I had to miss an entire semester last year due to my diagnosis and treatment and I nearly dropped out too. I know exactly how you feel. However, the university doesn’t require a sick note as such, I provided them with hospital diagnosis letters and asked my MS nurse to write a letter explaining my condition. I was given a 3 month long term extension. 2 week short term extensions are also available to me, if I need them. Your university can definitely help you, but please do not give up!!! You are so close

6 months ago

Thank you EVERYONE I am ever so grateful for all the wonderful replies, filled with so much empathy, love and support from complete strangers πŸ’–. Just a little update to let you all know I was able to get approval for my extenuating circumstances application, so now I just have to focus on this semester. I am also now getting counselling from my university… erm I managed to open up to more of those around me and I am extremely overwhelmed by the support I am receiving. So once again guys **THANK YOU** I AM NOT THERE YET BUT I WILL KEEP FIGHTING. Love from Kandy 🍭.

6 months ago

Hello @kandyloss, that’s such great news, well done for pushing on through. It’s always lovely when people come back to post updates. Living proof that you can return from the depths with resolve, good advice from others, and the will to overcome this burden of ours. Onwards and upwards!

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