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Could it be ms?

Hi everybody!
So I’m female and I’m 29. I was referred to the neurologist by my GP for something completely different. My GP wanted to have the Mirena but because I have really bad migraines she wanted advice. The neurologist decided that it was safe for me to have it but she booked me for an mri to be safe and a blood test. I was called back to her office to discuss my results, I was sure it was because of the blood test. I was really surprised when she told me that my mri is abnormal. I had a blood test done for lupus and all. She asked me to write down symptoms and family history for when I come back.
I sometimes have achy legs and arms, weak grip, like I can’t hold anything. Feeling that I have hair or web on my face. Lightheaded and tired all the time. I talked to my mum about it and she said that since little I’ve been saying this. I was wondering if this could be ms or not. I know I should wait for blood test but I can’t stop thinking about it.
Thanks for reading and replying!

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7 months ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
This has come as a bit of a shock I’m sure!
Firstly slow things down a little you have quite a bit to contend with…
Your blood test can only really tell you so much but unfortunately not ms….
That will be used to eliminate other possible causes as there are lots of other problems that look like ms.
So they will have to cross them off the list so to say.
At some point they will ask you for a lumbar puncture to see if you have bands in your spinal fluid. To basically see if your brain has a minute leek into your spine.
It comes under the heading of McDonald criteria.
Basically that’s the only way 100% they can tell you that it is or isn’t ms.
As for having web on your face I get that but I grew a beard which kinda distracts me but I’m not so sure you’re capable or even willing to do that one😃 sorry.
Feel free to ask anything.
We’re all here to help if we can.
I’m sure more enlightened members will be along soon to say hi.
Please just slow down a little stress really doesn’t help.

7 months ago

Hi @leiaorgana and welcome.

Whilst we wouldn’t wish a diagnosis of MS on anyone, you should consider yourself fortunate that this chance investigation got underway. MS is best treated, the earlier you can catch it.

Whether it is MS or not, there is still life after a diagnosis. So be patient as the Neuro does what Neuros do.

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