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Hi, not the nicest of subjects but I’ll say it anyway. I have real problems with my gut. I’ve read that MS can slow the gut plus combined with painkillers that also slow things down. At my worst I’m reduced to a bowl movement once a week. This leaves me sluggish during the week and in alot of pain, discomfort and bloating . Tried diet/ exercises and all sorts of laxatives (prunes included) but no real improvement. Any hints or tips?

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1 year ago

Hi I use to find that lentils helped a bit but in the end I spoke to the continence nurse, she came out and asked me to keep a record. I’m now doing irrigation and find that things are much better.

1 year ago

I feel your pain, literally! I also suffer from constipation and I dont empty my bladder fully either. All i do is try to eat as much fibre as possible and keep drinking. I dont walk too far now but if i do walk more than usual that helps. So maybe if you are fit enough try and excersise more. Oh, and strong coffee πŸ˜ƒ

1 year ago

@sarah_irwin Got to love the strong coffee, don’t think I could function without it 😊
I’m actually exercising loads at the moment, as my fatigue bouts are minimal (at least for this month). Trying the fibre route as well and must get through 4-5 litres of water a day.
@yvonnemair I’ll give lentils a go. Haven’t eaten them for ages😊 Then you may be right and I’ll need to dicuss with my MS team…

1 year ago

I’ve got the constipation thing currently going on too….. Not the greatest idea health wise but try smoking a cigarette or two, that should help to loosen the bowels up.

Other than that try as much fibre rich foods as you can…. Wholemeal Bread, Brown Rice, Beans/Lentils etc.

1 year ago

@spangle , would a pro-biotic help, to try and balance your gut?

Also, make sure you are well-hydrated. Up your water intake, if necessary.

1 year ago

For me cutting gluten out of diet + eating raw veggies (lettuce) + drinking helps to some extend

1 year ago

Try Restorolax it is tasteless and can be mixed in an liquid and is not gritty. It will s totally safe, even safe for kids and pregnant women. You take it everyday and it keeps you regular. It works like a charm! πŸ™‚

1 year ago

I’ve had the same trouble and was bunged up for 2 weeks. I saw my GP and he prescribed a orange flavour powder called Laxido, its got the same stuff in it as Restorolax. I had to use 6 sachets a day and then the tsunami happened, so don’t use too many if you are just trying to get things moving.

1 year ago

I first started worrying about this when I had my hernia op 4 yrs back.
I had my first major MS attack a few months later.
Since then I have used prune juice when necessary (2 glasses will shift anything in 3 hours).
Now I have kelloggs all bran cereal once day regularly, which seems to work most of the time.
But it can become a negative spiral , once you miss a day you start to fret and that in itself gives your bowel an excuse to hang on to it!
It does get annoying when your own body plots against you when all you are trying to do is help
Once you get tense about any issue, your bowels will do one of two things, either give you diarrhoea, or simply freeze up.
It’s an instinctive thing linked to the “fight or flee” instinct.
Link that to the fact that with MS, your muscles don’t give you the right signals all the time, and we often have problems.
Bear in mind that your bowels are probably functioning perfectly well, and its just that “full” sensation that you would get when its time to go… is impaired.
I am wary of using any laxative long term as it just encourages your intestine to be lazy, and it needs the reverse with us.
I have been using the Fleet (brand name) enema, if I get anxious, and it always works.
It simply squirts 200ml of water up your backside and wakes things up… lol.
But I find the main enemy is worrying about it.
After all I occasionally went a 2 or 3 days without ‘going’ , before I had MS and never thought it a problem, and it wasn’t.
We assign a lot of issues to MS when many of them are our own reaction to having it.
Just try and relax, eat properly, drink plenty of water, and bear in mind that in doing so you will pee more as a result, which you will blame on MS too..
Ah yes, ironically, the bladder muscles have no problem at all in telling you , you have to go! haha.

1 year ago

A very good analysis of this problem, @sigmadelta .

1 year ago

Reflexology? Fermented veggies a spoonful per day.. works a treat!!! Anything is worth a try this worked for me after years of suffering πŸ™‚

1 year ago

Hi, thanks everyone for all the suggestions. I am under quite a lot of stress at the moment which definitely exacerbates the situation.
I eat a lot of fibre for breakfast (oats, nuts & fruit), probiotic yoghurt and try to have lots of fresh fruit and veg. I’ve tried prunes but not prune juice so maybe I’ll give that a go next😊 I’ve tried Laxido but unfortunately it didn’t do much for me ☹️ Currently taking Movicol (another mix with water laxative), again doesn’t seem to be cutting it.
I’m not worried about not being regular, it’s the physical pain and discomfort. The lethargy that constipation brings is a struggle for me as I suffer quite badly from fatigue anyway.
Tried Kimchi and whilst very tasty does nothing for my gut. Gonna have a go at making my own Kefir next 😊
I’ve tried massage and reflexology which helps with my back pain but even when I’m very relaxed, it never seems to carry over to my gut.
Got an appointment with my MS team on Tue, so I’ll discuss with them. Hopefully they can suggest something to get me moving 😊

Thanks again for all the support and suggestions! It makes a real difference to know that I not the only one struggling with this issue.

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