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Hello – I am newly diagnosed and having recurrent uti. I believe I’m going to have to start self Catheterization due to this. I’m only 34 and this just seems so depressing and scary. Can anyone offer any encouragement?

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11 months ago

I agree it can be depressing and scary when it’s one of the first things to interrupt our “normal”. It was one of the main residual symptoms of my first known relapse – not being able to go to the loo.

As a women I feel quite OK now about the procedure and I think it was quite easy to learn how to do it (tip if you can learn to pee standing up). The issue I struggle with after 5 years of faffing rather than a quick pee is that sometimes it does get me down as even on good day fatigue and symptoms wise I have the impairment. My solution is use mindfulness to acknowledge and move on from the depressing thoughts.

It does seem quite daunting at first but it will be so much better than having lots of UTI as that brings on a pseudo relapse and make us feel rotten. I definitely was so much better when I didn’t have the problems. You might get one or two while you get used to self cathing but try to be scrupulous about hands washing and cleaning “down there”.

So basically I’m saying yes it’s downer to have to do it but it gets to be second nature and doesn’t hurt and if you get the right product for you is easy. All will be well.

11 months ago

Now im having it for the first time after 14 years with MS
Ive had it for a while now amd do scared it turns to something much worse for ignoring it
But oh meh :/
Not the first time i ignore my health which is stupid i know
Amd btw I read thry could botox inject you instead of the operation
And i also heard its not as bad it soundI hope u recover soin to tell me how its bern 😉

11 months ago

@well0258 , it won’t be the frequent UTIs which result in the need for self-catheterisation, but the cause of the UTIs.

Yes, MS can take the blame for most bladder problems, e.g. urge/frequency incontinence, retention, etc. Retention, in particular, creates a breeding ground for the bacteria that cause UTIs.

You need to understand your specific problems, before you can locate the answer. An incontinence Advisor, or Urologist, will help. It may be that your problems can be treated with a medication.

If self-catheterisation is the answer, then this can also be a cause of UTIs. As mentioned above, self-hygiene is critical.

I self-catheterise and used to suffer from frequent UTIs. Then my Neurologist suggested a supplement, D.Mannose, which has improved my situation no end. The supplement has been the subject of a clinical trial, with successful results.

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