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Can't sleep

Hi all, hope you’re well. Over the last 2 days I have had 8 hours sleep spread out in bits. This happens often. It’s like my body is tired but my brain won’t switch off. I’ve developed a new symptom too, my ring finger has gone numb and tingly on the tip since I’ve not slept. Not sure if I should contact my nurse I don’t want to sound dramatic but maybe a relapse? If anyone can help with sleep etc I’d be very grateful. I’ve tried meditation but can’t concentrate. TIA

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6 months ago

rachel, and not sure if this answer is any help, I, like you, had the same sleep issues, now I tend to record TV programs and watch into the early hours, 1-2, by then I am really tired so go to bed and fall asleep quickly, if I go at 10 I am up at 2-3, I know this is not a medical solution or indeed a useful one but it works for me, good luck and take a read of my blog there are answers to living with MS and also aimed to those who have no idea,

Thank you for that, I do put the tv on in bed on a timer, I listen to it on low but this just keeps my brain active. I usually have to fall asleep to a little noise as I struggle in complete silence. I will check out your link though:)

6 months ago

just breathe. do box breathing or inhale 3 seconds and exhale 4 seconds. do this 5 times, in the morning and before going to sleep. and it will help. try to fall asleep around 10 pm. close all your gadgets, tv…and sleep.

Thank you, I have tried different breathing and meditation but I can’t concentrate because my mind feels like I’ve had some sort of drug. It drives me crazy! Then I feel like I’ve got restless leg syndrome all over my body….. how very annoying lol

6 months ago

I was having sleep troubles as well. I did an in-home sleep study provided to me by a sleep specialist. Turns out I have mild sleep apnea, and I’m just not getting enough oxygen. This was causing me to wake up just after a couple hours of sleep. I would then be awake for a couple hours and then repeat the cycle. My fog and fatigue were much worse; work was nearly impossible. The mood swings were also terrible. My brain was constantly running at full speed toward nothing(it still does that). Luckily, I was able to get a CPAP. I use it every night, and it has greatly improved my symptoms. They are ever-present, but this at least helps a little bit.

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