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Can You Be Sacked For Being of With MS?

My symptoms are acting up this morning numb arm and weird vision. Work has been so stressful I think that’s the cause of it. So left my manager a voice mail this morning. He then left me one back telling me to call him. I was shocked tbh because hes never wanted to question my ms before. So I tried calling him not long after, twice. But he didnt answer. It’s been 4hrs now and hes not got in touch with me. I’m worrying he will moan I didn’t call back even when I did and that he will try and question my symptoms. Can you get sacked for something like this?

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5 months ago

Slow down a little…. please.
Stress isn’t good for you.
You’ve called him, he didn’t answer wait for him to call you.
But make sure you follow the companies sick procedure.
Make an appointment with your GP or MS nurse.
You can self cert for a few days.
If you’re ill you’re ill MS or not as long as you keep everyone informed then you have protection under the law.
If you have a union speak to them they will be able to help you.
Have you informed your company you have MS?
You don’t have to but it will make them aware of your problems and the reason for them.
Just calm down a little.
Nothing is going to change overnight.
As long as you follow the rules .
Hope you get it sorted out soon 😀

5 months ago

@highlander thank you. The company know I have it yes. It’s never been an issue before which is why I was shocked today when he left me a message. I’ve tried calling him again just now, still no answer so sent him a text. Fingers crossed that’s following procedure enough.

5 months ago

Now to be fair to him, he’s probably got a hundred and one things to deal with in his mind, that’s way more important than little old you. Give him a chance….you never know.
He might be very understanding.

5 months ago

I agree on the not freaking out and that bosses have many things to do that aren’t all about you 😉 but document this…the times of responses, what was said and what was done. You may need these details if anything is questioned. Different laws apply in different countries and I am unfamiliar with UK laws being in the US but be familiar with your employee handbook as it will be within those laws and probably even provide further protection.

I’m going to speak to my Dr and likely a lawyer about the possibility of being sacked although I hadn’t disclosed MS to my boss but had in a company self disclosure area and of course they knew I had MS when they hired me as I had to tell them that I was on Copaxone when I took the blood test that you take when hired and that is only used to treat one thing. So the nurse asked if I was on the drug due to MS and if it was prescribed by a Dr. And of course – yes – it isn’t really a recreational drug that has fun side effects ;-0 so – know your rights and document what is going on for your files but give the boss some time.

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