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App Idea for MS Patients – Need Feedback

Hey everyone, hope you’re doing well today!

I’m a 25 year-old female living in San Francisco with RRMS (diagnosed when I was 23)

I have an idea that could help people with MS. Before I invest a ton of time into it, I wanted to hear from you guys to see if this is worth pursuing.

Here’s the link to the idea:

And if you have time, could you take this quick survey? Link:

Please be ABSOLUTELY honest in your feedback. I can take it!

Thanks 🙂

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7 months ago

tonks137 completed the survey. I think that a lot of people have their ideas of what is the correct way to deal with MS. I recently read the book Wahls Protocol, a Dr in MA who talks about diet and how it has changed her life whilst suffering with MS, I believe there is still more that we can learn about MS. is my monthly blog, have a read, share, offer comments, I live life with an open outlook and am very upbeat, I welcome your ideas, good luck

7 months ago

@tonks137. I have explored some similar ideas with some added elements to incentivize people to provide accurate data. I live in the Bay Area and my wife was diagnosed in 2017. Been wondering if it’s worth investing the time as well. Would love to compare notes.

7 months ago

Well I don’t want to be too harsh but this will be just a curiosity, will be difficult to bring real conclusions, people talk sometimes could be useful but sometimes could say water from tap has a miraculous cure!

That is why placebo controlled trials are designed for.

How are you going to know if something can be really useful for ms?

So much s… out there. How are you going to differentiate between bull.. and real.

Researchers find it difficult…..not an easy task

7 months ago

Get in touch with the Barts team in the UK as they are heading down a similar path. I think.



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