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Adapted Car

I was diagnosed with RRMS in March of this year and informed the DVLA as instructed to do so. I have now received a letter from the DVLA saying that they have had information telling them that i may need my vehicle adapted with special controls. I then have two options – one to fill out a form, ticking what adaptions i would like or the other to sign a declaration stating that i do not want any adaptions. The letter states that if i do not reply within 14 days they could revoke my license and politely informs me in bold and capitals that i may be commiting an offence if i cannot safely drive my vehicle. As it is, i dont feel like i need any adaptions at all and nothing has been mentioned to me regarding any of this at appointments etc. Obviously seeing things like these “warnings” puts worries in your mind straight away as i can’t do without my car and i do not want to be liable for anything in the future if i just sign the declaration. I rang the number on the letter who just asked me to ring a local office. They said they’d not heard of a letter like this but if i wanted an assessment to phone back. The DVLA themselves were really unhelpful and quite rude at times just telling me to sign which i wanted to but literally thats all i got from them and No further advice. My MS nurses have never heard of a letter like this either and said to try disability services for advice but they also couldn’t help as it was out of their remit. I feel extremely stuck and not sure what to do as like i say, i have no problems driving but don’t want to sign a declaration and then be liable for anything. There is no mention of only having a license for 3 years which i know has happened to people with MS previously.
Has anyone else had a letter like this or any advice? Thanks in advance.

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11 months ago

@ana80 , if you feel comfortable and in control now, then sign the second declaration.

I’ve always said that we’re better off than a fair proportion of the driving population. On occasions, we can make a rational decision that we shouldn’t drive, whilst others can make an irrational decision that they can drive!

You’ll know when you don’t feel safe and to make the necessary adjustments/adaptations.

11 months ago

Are you on the full monty with DLA/PIP, do you have a mobility car? That’s what they are getting at, if you have a mobility car you can have adaptions (in this case ones insisted on by the DVLA) at no extra cost to you. If you don’t have a mobility car, then you have to have the adaptions and pay them yourself to not incur the wrath of the DVLA😂

11 months ago

I got the same letter in April, but my GP agreed that I didn’t need any adaptations to be able to continue to drive, so just signed it and sent it back, although I only received the letter the day before the 14 days was up!
I then got really concerned when I hadn’t got my licence back in 3 weeks, phoned up and was reassured that it was being printed and posted.
When I asked why it was OK to send out very bullying worded letters for us to complete and return with only 1 day to the deadline, apparently it’s because so many people forget to send them back until months later.
They don’t take any action within 4 weeks and their policy is then to send out a reminder, not revoke your licence! That is a last resort. Meanwhile, their letters cause msers additional stress that can exacerbate symptoms! Typical big brother bully tactics!
Anyhow, I believe from my MS nurse that, once you disclose MS in any form to the dvla, you are automatically issued with a medical review licence, valid for 3 years and you have to go through the process again before the expiry date on your licence!
You also need to declare your MS to your car insurance company, or it invalidates it with some of them!
I won’t be worrying too much about my renewal in April 2021, as their bark is worse than their bite, as they admitted on the phone!
Hope this help alleviate your concerns a bit @ana80

11 months ago

Thank you so much for your replies. Was nervous about posting as never done it before.
I agree with you @stumbler. I was just worried about signing the declaration and then having a bump or something (fingers crossed its not the case) and then being an easy target to blame or something because id signed it. I haven’t a mobility car or claim any PIP/benefits. If i’m honest i’m still getting my head around being diagnosed, starting treatment and appointments etc so haven’t thought about it or looked in to it yet. @vivian, i’m so relieved to hear someone else has had this as every phone call i’ve made so far or anyone i’ve spoke to I’ve hit a brick wall. You’re so right with the added stress it puts on you (which none of us need) and it literally is bullying tactics with the way its all worded. I was never expecting a letter like this and so just burst in to tears when reading it and have lost sleep since worrying. I haven’t been asked to send my license off with the declaration. They only want my license if i was wanting adaptions. That is actually the only helpful information i got when contacting the DVLA as the lady on tge phone was extremely rude! I wonder if they don’t need my old one and will issue me a 3yr one once they get my reply? My insurance company were informed when i was diagnosed so at least that side is sorted.

Thank you all again for your help, i really appreciate it. I feel so much better about signing so will hopefully get some sleep tonight lol x

11 months ago

By the way, you have said you own the car and that you don’t receive any benefits, you obviously don’t need any of the caring part of PIP, but the mobility part it sounds like you need it, and you can claim just the mobility part, and if you get it, you get a mobility car with, and as I said before, all required (legally or otherwise) adaptions. Worth looking into? Anything we can do financially or otherwise to help ourselves, to stay mobile,or in our own home or whatever. Good luck😍

11 months ago

I’d sign the second part too if you don’t need adaptions. Wonder if it’s something from neuro report – do you have any symptoms that they think could mean you need adaptions? X

11 months ago

Hello @ana80, you could always contact your GP and neuro to ask for a copy of the form they filled in for you, I’m sure that’s within your rights. Do you know your EDSS score? Lots of support here for you x

11 months ago

Hi @ana80 ,

I received this the last time I renewed and just ticked the second part. @stumbler is correct in that at least we get the option………there are plenty of people out there that think they’re brilliant drivers but in reality should have the option!!

11 months ago

I’ve just been through this as my neurologist warned me to declare Ms to DVLA which I have done. You’re right, their overbearing tactics are not what we need. I think it seems to be standard re stating that you may (or may not) need special adaptations on car. I read the bit about NOT ticking the box re automatic transmission if it has been your choice to drive one (both our cars are automatics but that’s through our choice). I also panicked when I read the bit about special adaptations, and phoned Ms nurse to ask what on earth the neurologist had put on the form so they read it out and it was pretty innocuous really, just stating dates of relapses. I called the DVLA at the end of all this process as I was very concerned about getting my replacement licence and really nice bloke said not to worry it would be sent as soon as they received my old one. It is incredibly stressful though for people who need to transport themselves and others – i.e. most people! We are very rural with no bus service nearby and kids to transport everywhere. Apart from that, independence is so precious!

11 months ago

Quick question, a medical licence needs to be renewed every 3 years, it says there is no additional cost for this, does that means I get free driving licence renewals for life? #lookingpositive

11 months ago

@dan_saunders , well, having MS had to have some bonuses somewhere! 😉

11 months ago

Will look in to benefits @grandma now you’ve said this. I suppose anything is worth looking in to as you never know and if it helps us. I’ve been in touch with Disability services today and they’re sending me some info out. Thank you for the advice 💗.
@stallionicchampionic, @lightning87 abd @vixen thank you – i have just signed the declaration now. One of my MS nurses wondered if it was anything to do with my flat foot as to if that had been put in the letter to the DVLA as thats all she coukd think of but that is only a concern when walking and fatigue has kicked in and certainly doesnt effect driving. Ive just looked at letters and my EDSS was put at 3 back in May when i met with my MS consultant for the first time (i was referred to a new consultant after diagnosis). I’m under physio and OT’s currently and go to them every fortnight. And thanks for the comment about support @vixen. It really means a lot. I’ve realised after this first post how important and valuable this network is for help and understanding.
@look, I’m sorry you have had to go through this too as this letter really is quite scary when you first get it. It is sounding more like a standard letter that’s sent though so that makes me feel better but i do think it could be put a whole lot better as not to worry us. Fingers crossed you’re all sorted now though x

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