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Making Friends with Multiple Sclerosis: Embracing Compassion and Self-Awareness on Your Journey

Making Friends with Multiple Sclerosis: Embracing Compassion and Self-Awareness on Your Journey

It feels like yesterday when life was a whirlwind of high heels, work calls, and the daily hustle. Little did I know that my seemingly invincible routine was about to take an unexpected turn with the diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I was unaware of the profound impact of stress and hidden emotions. It has taken almost nine years to understand the power of compassion in managing and understanding my MS.

The unseen stress

Stress has become an unwelcome companion in most people’s chaotic lives. From the workplace to home, it weaves its way into every aspect of our existence. Hidden stress, which operates beneath the surface, can significantly affect our health. Modern science confirms what ancient wisdom always knew—the mind and body are intricately connected.

Western medicine's historical separation of mind and body is outdated, revealing the profound links between emotional stress, the hormonal apparatus, the nervous system, and the immune system. This revelation is particularly crucial in understanding conditions like MS, where hidden stress may play a pivotal role.

The multigenerational emotional process

Delving deeper into the complexities of chronic conditions, including MS, reveals a fascinating connection to multigenerational emotional processes. It's as if the journey of disease is not just an isolated event but a culmination of emotional experiences spanning generations. Recognising this allows us to approach our struggles with compassion and self-awareness.

Compassion and self-awareness as tools for healing

As we navigate the challenging terrain of MS, compassion and self-awareness emerge as indispensable tools for recovery. Understanding the emotional roots of our condition opens avenues for empathy towards ourselves and others. Instead of viewing disease as a solitary endpoint, it becomes a part of a broader emotional narrative.


Making friends with Multiple Sclerosis involves more than just managing symptoms; it's about embracing the interconnectedness of our emotions, body, and mind. By acknowledging hidden stress, understanding the multigenerational emotional processes, and cultivating compassion and self-awareness, we empower ourselves to recover and heal. 

So explore alternative therapies like counselling, meditation, mindfulness and breathwork to embark on your journey, forging a deeper connection with yourself and finding solace in the power of understanding.

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Hi, I’m Treasa Anderson, a Digital Marketing Specialist, originally from Dublin and living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

My hobbies include trying to motivate myself to walk and do the occasional HIT session but it's really feeding an insatiable appetite for property programmes (please send on your recommendations). I became an MS anorak shortly after being diagnosed in 2015, and can talk for hours about DMTs, treatment strategies and environmental factors. I even completed the 'Understanding Multiple Sclerosis' course from the University of Tasmania.