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How MS Sessions changed my life

How MS Sessions changed my life
Having the opportunity to attend the first edition of MS Sessions in Prague in 2017 was one of the most enriching experiences of my life.

At the festival

I had the opportunity to meet up with people who are dedicated to multiple sclerosis advocacy. MS Sessions ‘17 brought me up to date with what was being done within the MS space while also updating the group on the activity and work that was being carried out so that MS can be visible and known to as many people as possible – especially for those who do not know what MS is.

Having the chance to share my stories and experiences with MSers from other countries has given me a broader point of view on how this medical condition is being seen and treated in the different countries around Europe.

On the other side

Listening to the speakers talk about their different areas of expertise (both professionals and patients telling their stories) has been useful for me in realising that many things are being done to treat this MS. This ranges from trying to find a cure to try improving the quality of life of patients and their families living everyday with MS, giving visibility to all the challenges and difficulties they have to face daily.

Getting together with people with such different cultures but with a common aspect has served to build strong friendships. For me MS Sessions ‘17 was a success which was proven when the attendees, as well as those who could not be part of the festival, created a group on Facebook – which is still active – to celebrate the festival, talk about it and ask when the next MS Sessions is to take place.

MS Sessions provided a great opportunity to meet up with other MSers, learn and have a really good time in an environment surrounded by those who can really understand you.

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About the author


My name is Jacobo Santamarta Barral, I was diagnosed with MS in 2007. Even though it took me some time to accept my diagnosis and go to my local MS society, now I am trying to improve the lives of those living with this disease by advocating and collaborating in every project possible.