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Relapses 24x24


As part of #WorldMSDay 2019 🌍 Shift.ms released #Relapses24x24 - 24 stories of relapses as told by MSers. We've stitched these stories together so you can see the various stages MSers go through with relapses.

What we learnt from these stories is that if you're experiencing symptoms that are not normal for you, then it's not right ❌

You are in your rights to go and get checked out to find out whether you're experiencing a relapse or not ✔️

Relapses aren't always black and white ⚫️ ⚪️ not only is it difficult to recognise a relapse, but there is also the uncertainty of when they will occur 🤔 This uncertainty can impact of the lives of people living with MS but there’s no single experience of monitoring a potential relapse as symptoms manifest in so many different ways.

What relapse advice would you give? Share your experiences on the Shift.ms forum.