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Hey guys, saw my neurologist (or her mate) and they're eager for me to start DMDs. Plegridy was suggested, can anyone share experiences of this? Thanks Ben



Hi Ben ... I don't want to put you off at all but ask around about the side effects as I was on Plegridy for seven months and the flu side effects were Awful for me, flu etc every other week. !! Maybe I was unlucky but the road to getting lemtrada happened because I tried the Plegridy ... Good luck with your choice. We all get effected differently so it's hard to say. But the actual self injecting I had to ask my partner to do as I'm a wimp !! Xx



I'm waiting for Bupa to call to arrange delivery of plegridy... I was on Tecfidera but had severe daily side effects. I've read lots re side effects but I guess the only way we'll know is of we give it a go and just try! Have you got a start date yet?



My hubby has been on plegridy for almost 6 weeks now knocks him off his feet for couple of days with flu like symptoms but it's early days only had 1 full dose next one this Thursday he manages to do the injection himself which he didn't think he'd be able to good luck to you Ally x



I have been on Plegridy for 3 months after they stopped the Avonex bio-set. The only side effect I get and I don't want to scare you is that the lymph glands in my groin swell. I have got used to it down and the flu like symptoms are controlled with pain killers and ibroprofen.