Great Telegraph Article - Bianca Wallace

Hi All. Just wanted to share this article from The Telegraph that's been written by Bianca Wallace. Her ongoing openness about the challenges MS presents to her as well as her upbeat perspective is excellent. "I wrote the forthcoming film A Ray of Sunshine in the hope that it will help address the stigma surrounding chronic illness and abusive relationships. My goal is to help those who need it the most to see that there is a way through the pain, and that it begins with our own courage. People may not have the kind of empowering epiphany I did. But if there’s one message I have it’s that we can’t let this terrible disease define and control us. We have to live the best and most authentic life that we can, free of regret. And to remind everyone around us that how you are with us, your positivity, energy and love, helps us to keep going."',I%20was%20in%20such%20despair.