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my turn.... RELAPSES..

This feels like another recurring question but I have to ask, as its driving me mad... I had last known/confirmed relapse back in October 2017.... its was sensory, on more or less the left side of body, started in foot (numbness - sort of sensation) working its way partially up the body, heat etc, very classic symptoms... almost 95% of it went away, very minor sensory stuff left in soles of feet... and I mean minor... but its there... So last couple of weeks I have what we would all typically refer to as pseudo exacerbation, so symptoms from first relapse on right side seemed to be back a little... right hand...sensory..minor.... you become aware of the old symtom, although no where near as magnified as the first time.... The left side from the Oct 2017 relapse seemed to be playing up... milder this time, feet etc...exact same ares, soles of feet, lower back heat etc. So I am left with the classic Q, is this a relapse?.... should I push for steroids, all the usual turmoil... From a personal perspective, I would rather avoid the steroids, only because I think if is pseudo, I could make matters worse; steroids as you know sort of "switch off" immune system... if prefer to let "sleeping dogs lie"....maybe I might trigger something proper..... the alternative argument; what if its a real relapse and more collateral damage this time... My logical brain says; because its in the exact same areas, it must be pseudo..... but the contradiction is... because its been on off for two weeks now, seems like a long time for a pseudo given I know the sort of definition and timing for relapse floating around on the brain that is google... What to do ! All theories welcome....