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Im really struggling with fatigue again and feel like I do nothing but sleep. What I'm wondering is how you all cope with it if you struggle too. I went for VEP's this morning and then went in to work to have a catch up with everyone must have been out maybe 3 or 4 hours, I've ended up coming home and couldn't fight the sleepiness. I've woken up on the sofa AGAIN after sleeping for 3 hours. What medications are you on and/or what can you recommend to fight the fatigue? It's really starting to get me down.



And also did you ask for the meds or were they recommended by your neuro?



I take Calcium and Magnesium EAP salts after they were recommended to me by an osteopath that read through trials in the Lancet medical journal. Without creating a genetic clone of myself and not allowing them to have these salts, I can't say for 100% that they made a difference, though this link may help http://www.health-science-spirit.com/EAP.html (I don't suffer from fatigue)



...and diet is very important. Organic veg, good. Pasta, very bad.



<a href='https://shift.ms/community/people/ophelia/' rel='nofollow'>@ophelia</a>, don't fight what your body is telling you. You have to live with MS, not fight it tooth and nail. So, go easy on yourself and see if you can allow yourself to catch up and recuperate.



Hi I found taking vit d helped my energy levels made me feel less tired. Best wishes Neil



When i was first diagnosed I was offered a narcolepsy medication. I never took it and I'm not sure if that's what they still prescribe but it may be worth looking in to?



Fatique is my main sym. Only a long time after my diagnoses I have accepted it. Before I was (accidently)diagnosed I felt useless and guilty for being listless and after diagnoses it made me sad and was always going against it which offcourse only made it worse. I now take it easy have regular sleeps during the day. Don't do evening outings on "school nights" always have a 9+hr sleep at night. don't fill my weekend chocker block with outings, chores. ( to great delight of my hubby) and have pj days on sundays somtimes (been the perfect summer for it :) if i do have an allnighter I make sure I have got norhing important to do the next day and know i'll "pay" for it in the week. My hubbie now understand when I say i'm tired i really am so tired. He now often sends me for a nap himself :)



Fatigue is the worst for me some days I can get by with 8 hours of sleep but most days I need 10, and then I wear downs quickly. If I go out to a store by the time I reach the back isle I'm worn out and need to sit for five minutes or more. I have heard people say B viamins are good for energy but I have never tried that yet.



Being undiagnosed I think I can say I have had this once a couple of weeks ago and it lasted 10 days or so. One minute I would be fine, but then all of a sudden it was as if someone had drugged me. It felt very different from usual tiredness, my eyes weren't tired by my head & body felt completely useless, felt dizzy when walking around. My mum said when it happened my speech was alot lower. I haven't had it for a couple of weeks now touch wood. For me I'm scared to go to sleep encase something happens to me so I try & stay awake, probably the wrong this but I'm too anxious.



The med I'm on for fatigue is Amantadine. My neuro prescribed it for me last month since Fatigue seems to be one of my big time issues. It has certainly helped a lot... though I still get a day here or there where I crash. Still, I'm mobile and functional more often than not these days, so that is a BIG improvement for me. You could always talk to yours about getting it. Mine has me on 100mg pills twice a day.



My neuro just put me onto Amantadine as well, as the fatigue has got sooo bad!! I didnt want to go on any medication but it got to the point where i was like aaahhhhhhh i cant do this anymore!! Im also doing yoga a few mornings a week and find this gives me more energy throughout the day! Good luck



hi i was on amantadine on and off for years (tried to use diet and exercise in the early years to help fatigue) and in last few months am on modafanil - its like rocket fuel for the brain!!! my cognition has returned to a level of about 8 years ago (as fatigue was affecting me mentally and physically) - i still have physical fatigue but a different problem that my body cannot keep up with my head now so learning to re-adjust all over again. I now feel i deserve my fatigue as i do lots of things - working 3 days, and a busy social life, whereas before modafanil i could lie for 8 hours on the sofa and feel as knackered as i do now when i'm busy doing lots of things so i put up with fatigue as i feel its slightly more justfied again now in a weird sort of way - i've suffered fatigue now for 19 years now so kinda forgotten what its like not to function without fatigue?!?!?!?!



Thank you all for your suggestions, I see my MS nurse next week and possibly the neuro soon after so I'll talk to them about what they think is the best option! In the meantime i'll kick back and chill!x



Remember that MS symptoms come and go. I had fatigue during my first (and only) major relapse. Just as you describe it. It was like the moments after you've been given the general anaesthetic and are told to count to ten! But after I was dxd and started on the DMDs it has never returned. I get tired and sleepy but that's not the same at all. So, as Stumbler says, don't try and go against what your body is telling you. With any luck, the fatigue will diminish once you're properly sorted and in treatment.



hey! at first i was using amantadine, then i changed to modafinil and it really works, it helped me a lot!



i started to use modafinil some months ago because the drug didnt come to my country until 3 months ago, but it is way better than the one i was using before