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Limbo land waiting to see neurologist

Afternoon to you there, I'm looking for advice from you lovely people as I am finally going to see a neurologist in a few weeks and need to know how best to prepare myself. I have all sorts of symptoms for last 15 years. It just lately they're all teaming up together and affecting my life so Dr says it pointing to MS



Hi @ninamarina and welcome. Makes a short, concise list of all your symptoms, including dates and durations, if you can. This will be useful to allow the Neuro to build up a picture. The Neuro will give you a physical examination of reflexes, involving the usual prodding, scratching and pricking. They will also monitor your walking and balance. They will probably arrange further tests for you e.g. bloods and MRI scans, to get a better view of what's going on.



Hello @ninamarina, it’s good that you’ve found Shift, as most people here have been through the process of speculation, investigation and diagnosis. Although, a diagnosis is not always MS. There are other chronic conditions which might have overlapping symptoms. At least you are being investigated and are in the system so hopefully you’ll get some answers soon. It’s hard to hear this, but worrying and becoming anxious about a potential diagnosis won’t affect the underlying cause or change the diagnosis, so try to make sure you don’t expend too much time fretting and worrying. Instead, take care and spoil yourself, and do nice things with friends and loved ones. Good luck, and let us know how you get on x



Thank you for replying, I have thought back at my symptoms and jotted them down although some I went and seen the doctors slot of them I didn't as I got fobbed off slot so I saw no point in wasting my time or the Dr's. I so wish I had gone for every symptom so it was in bla K an white for them. Dates lol I can hardly remember what I did an hour ago all though I do remember at 21 year's old going to the drs and getting a book on forgetful ness and dementia . Just going through the horrible process of not being well and no solution as no ,'label,' horrible but true.