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Positivity, please!

Hi all I was reading a post a while back and somebody within the thread had mentioned that they thought that a cure wouldn't be far away. I wondered if the person who said it remembered saying it and could throw a little more positivity my way? What makes you think that? I had a long awaited appointment with an Ophthalmologist today to check my vision was ok since my bout of optic neuritis (over 10 months ago!) and she really scared me. She told me what I can expect with my eyes as my disease progresses. Not, if it progresses, but when it progresses. Im sure she didn't mean anything by it but it was just such a negative, defeatist way to put it that it made me feel low. Stupid, I know but hard to ignore!

We all have to live with hope. Without hope, we don't have much at all. :wink:


Dear Nevergiveup Are you aware the MS Life event is on in London the weekend after this one? It will have lectures, including ones about treatments. Yes, I've heard the DMDs are apparently getting better....I really don't know much about them, but your neurologist should. It is a shock to learn we will not last forever (yes, we really know we're all going sooner or later, but somehow we feel that applies to someone else right now), and I think Stumbler is right, we have to live in hope (Stumbler, thanks for all your upbeat comments...I've read a few others too). Being realistic, scientists' first priority is to secure funding and to do that they need to publish in what are known as high-impact journals. To do that they cannot share their work as they might like to do, lest someone else print a paper first; if they did cooperate, like the Human Genome Project (and that had its challenges), MS would be like the flu now (a good while back, the flu wiped out whole populations in Latin America and formerly inhabited islands off the coast of Ireland were left uninhabited....because of the flu? Yes). Now the flu is a bed-and-paracetamol disease. Here's hoping the MS cure does the same. I am sure it will. Take care and you do also need some time to take in what you've been told. Cry about it, stay in bed for a day with a good book and cups of hot chocolate....then get up and start doing your own research (no not lab work, but take a look online!)...it is quite empowering. ...and finally...be kind with and take care of yourself. xxx