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MS Awareness videos

I was emailed the 2 video links from the MS Society that I appeared in. After watching them I felt quite moved. Hearing everyone’s experiences which I can relate to many. The main aim is for these videos to be shared as much as possible so more awareness can be made about MS. Here are the final links to the two films that were produced: MS symptoms #inthedark: https://youtu.be/rFonPDofQNI Waiting for diagnosis #inthedark: http://youtu.be/oOgkxn7LCb4 Please feel free to share with friends, via email, or on social media using the hashtag: #inthedark

Very touching to watch,,,,,,, Maybe mr/mrs average in the street would be enlightened by watching these. I meet so many people that do not seem to understand MS at all. Confuse it with ME or think that it is contagious!