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Blurred vision in both eyes

Hi everyone, I’ve had optic neuritis for the past 4ish months now just affecting my right eye, I had gotten used to it! However this morning I have woken up and instantly noticed my eyesight has worsened in my left eye now. Really speckled and blurry in both eyes now 😪 Does anyone know if MS can affect both eyes? When I google it all I find it optic neuritis affecting the one eye, I’m wondering if perhaps I am still in relapse or if I’m just being paranoid I don’t know Any answers will be appreciated thank you!



@laurasavage567 , MS isn't normally symmetrical, but MS is a strange condition, not quite staying within the rules! It all depends how long this latest visual problem lasts. If there is little change after 24-48 hours than you should consider unwelcome MS activity, although, any non-MS issues/infections would need to be ruled out first.



Thank you @stumbler ! That’s what I thought optical neuritis usually does affect only one eye, I’ll see what happens over the next day or 2 thank you



It affected both eyes for me about 4 years ago. So I would say in some cases it does affect both eyes.. hope you're going better x



Hi. I was also unlucky enough to get ON in both eyes at the same time. One eye started, then 2 months later the other eye. So I didn’t fully recover sight in the first eye before the second eye went dodgy too. Hopefully if you go to your hospital optometrist you can get an idea of whether it’s ON or something else.



Update: it is optic neuritis in both eyes now, hopefully I will receive my Lemtrada treatment quick enough so that it doesn’t get too bad and I can recover some of the sight 😔 thank you for your comments x



@laurasavage567 , a visual impact is usually a good enough reason for steroids to be prescribed. But, a dose of steroids forms part of the Lemtrada Protocol, so they may hold off and wait for that instead. Hopefully, that will be a reason to get the Lemtrada arranged sooner rather than later.



Hi @laurasavage567 , I had optic neuritis in both eyes but the effects were 6 months apart. Took around 2 months to get back my sight where I could read using strong spetacles but it isn't as good as it was. Steroids helped the recovery but they do weaken the immune system. I use them sparingly when I have a relapse.



Thank you for both of your comments! I think @stumbler is right in that maybe they won’t offer steroids as I’m probably about 2/3 weeks away from my Lemtrada treatment now (hopefully) so hopefully this second blurred eye will speed up that process! X



Hi Hope your eye issues have cleared up. I had ON in both of my eyes at the same time. My right was worse than my left. I took the steroids and it cleared up within a month or so. I have 20/20 vision again but I know I am not seeing as well as before but I consider myself lucky.



I have had both my eyes effected for the last 20 years and its only been the last month ive stopped driving so it can effect us all in different ways. Keep your chin up👍



I've had ON in both eyes though not at the same time - technically, the attacks were just in one but the other was now just still damaged from the last time. They're both much worse in this heat and brightness, but my sunnies help a lot.



Both of my eyes have been effected and my ms is progressing super fast so my doctor suspected neuromyelitis optica which is another autoimmune disease so she ordered some blood tests. It’s always hard because all these diseases mimic each other and it is possible to have more than 1. Maybe ask for the blood work just to rule it out... mine do it too though and my blood work came back negative so maybe it’s just an uncommon symptom of ms.



Hi, I'm going through the same situation. Was put on 1000mgs of steroids for three days. Now on 1200mg of ibuprofen per day. Speak to your optician and you MS nurse. It's crap having optical neurtis. Be strong, take care..



My blood tests also came back negative! I finished my Lemtrada treatment last week so my symptoms are flaring up now but that’s normal, meaning my eye sight is crap at the moment 😂 thank you for the replies x



Hi. Both my eyes are really blurry all the time to the point ive had to stop driving



Hi Laura I have similar problems, everything is blurred but just about readable and the keyboard is a bit difficult to see where the letters are!



My first attack wasn't blurry or spotted and I didnt lose sight, the right eye just wouldn't turn passed a certain point and it was very painful. The second attack was optic neuritis in my left eye to which I eventually lost all sight in that eye. Prednisone corrected both but 20 years later I am mostly colour blind in my left eye.



Hi Laura, just wanted to reach out and say you're doing great and that many of us have had blurred vision (including myself) and it can be quite scary. You're on ocrevus and I hope that's treating you well :)