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Blurred vision in both eyes

Hi everyone, I’ve had optic neuritis for the past 4ish months now just affecting my right eye, I had gotten used to it! However this morning I have woken up and instantly noticed my eyesight has worsened in my left eye now. Really speckled and blurry in both eyes now 😪 Does anyone know if MS can affect both eyes? When I google it all I find it optic neuritis affecting the one eye, I’m wondering if perhaps I am still in relapse or if I’m just being paranoid I don’t know Any answers will be appreciated thank you!

@laurasavage567 , MS isn't normally symmetrical, but MS is a strange condition, not quite staying within the rules! It all depends how long this latest visual problem lasts. If there is little change after 24-48 hours than you should consider unwelcome MS activity, although, any non-MS issues/infections would need to be ruled out first.


Thank you @stumbler ! That’s what I thought optical neuritis usually does affect only one eye, I’ll see what happens over the next day or 2 thank you