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help on healthy living

Hi! my name is Kim. I have had MS since 2013. Looking for some insight on how to live healthy with MS. If anyone can give me advise on who to talk to get to be healthy and what to eat and what exercises should be done.



Hi @kimmyk74 and welcome. Living healthy is a requirement of life generally, so yes, our MS will appear to benefit if we are more healthy. A healthy, balanced diet is a good basis, although there are many specific diets that are used by MSers. In this respect, it's "horses for courses". An exercise regime is essential on the basis of "use it or lose it". Nothing too dramatic, just moderate exercise when you can, e.g. swimming. You may find some overall healthy living suggestions here :- https://overcomingms.org/



@kimmyk74 Hi and welcome Well your MS Nurse or Doctor should be your first port of call for any concerns regarding MS that you may have. What exercise you can do?, all depends on you really, if you feel that you can do it then do it but be careful not to go overboard and risk harm to yourself. I'm restricted to light Physio as I can barely think straight let alone move. As for Diet, well speak to your Nurse as he/she will have more insight with this. Personally speaking there isn't a special diet that I follow, just eat a well balanced diet or at least try t\o for the most part.



@kimmyk74 If I may be so rude - it is difficult to make suggestions without further information. I mention this because a 20 year old mountain climber is different than a 60+ year old (such as myself) diagnosed with MS. A person who never exercised or eaten healthy is different than... As @stumbler stated - there is generic information available for those with MS. In fact, he is a Guru with where to research. If you want specific information "for you", the more information you are comfortable in sharing on the internet, the better...



Hello @kimmyk74, I guess the most important thing when diagnosed is seeking balance, through diet, exercise and mental and emotional outlook. And of course, the level of balance has to be different for each person. I don’t overdo things, but I set myself a standard consistent amount of exercise, coupled with diet every day. I plan the diet for the week in advance. I think the greatest gift we can give ourselves though is to learn to think positively, and I appreciate that’s not always easy!