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Gilenya and eye exams

How often do you need an eye exam?

I found this from a reputable UK internet source:- "You should have an eye test before starting treatment with this medicine and again three to four months later. If you experience any disturbances in your vision, such as blurred vision or a blind spot in the centre of the eye while taking this medicine you should consult your doctor. This is because Gilenya can sometimes cause a condition called macular oedema, which is swelling in the area at the back of the eye that allows you to see shapes, colours and fine detail." I should imagine that the second eye test mentioned would dictate the timing of future tests. I hope this helps.


Hi @kimcarlson, I had a single test, 4 months after I started fingolimod and was given the all clear with no further tests required unless I notice any changes in my vision so fingers crossed! Jane x