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Today my neurologist showed me my brain!

Of course I didn't understand much, especially lesions wise since I was just shown the, let's say, 100% zoom version in a few perspectives and it was hard for me to identify much of the white matter, but I felt something special about seeing it. Just... an idea. Ask your neurologist

Most definitely. It is your condition and you should have a right to view it (wherever viewable). My doctor will take 15 minutes or so to bring up old MRI and compare it with new MRI on two screens so I can see what’s going on in there. It does help you process a better understanding of the science—-and also helps to give legitimacy to what sometimes is an otherwise ‘invisible illness’. Also, you have the right to request a copy of the CD from the MRI lab. Often I am able to receive a copy immediately after each MRI. Of course I look at it at home, and really have no idea what I’m looking at. So do wait for your doctor to interpret it.