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Boulderstone Technique

Hi all, While browsing the internet I came across the "Boulderstone Technique". After searching for a few days, I have not found much information or reviews apart from the ones on the website. I phoned up and ended up booking an appointment and 2 days of treatment following that, (they don't charge for new MS patients, so it will be free), but I am not really sure I have done the right thing... Could anyone shed some light on this please? I don't want to be scammed into anything, specially as it is 150 miles away, and mean I will have to stay for 2 nights in a hotel. Thanks, Ines

Unfortunately, where there's misery, there's always someone who makes a profit. I saw this lauded on another forum, where someone was considering it then posted how great it was. Unfortunately for the poster, they'd got their times all messed up. They'd suggested they would be trying it and then reported that it was really great before they should have! Be very careful, you need to see personal accreditations that you can trust. Too many people want to sell us "snake oil"! :???:


Ines, I read this in an article I found in your MS Society's news from 2009: BOULDERSTONE TECHNIQUE If you read about or hear of something called the Boulderstone Technique do not under any circumstances believe what you see/hear. It is claimed that since 2002 dozens of MS patients have gained control of their MS and ‘know’ they will stay well. Oh - If only it were true. – Sadly this is yet another scam and only after reading page after page of anecdotal praise do we get to the crux. They want your money. They have nothing to offer I am the Founder of an MS charity here in the US that helps people with MS understand the importance of health & fitness. We pay for them to get into a gym, have a trainer and get ongoing support. I am speaking to a some people in fitness to set this up in the UK. Check it out: www.msfitnesschallenge.org. If you are interested in being updated, let me know. Getting the MS diagnosis can be devastating. I have a book on the market, David's Goliath, that you may want to read. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/Davids-Goliath-Winning-Battle-against/dp/0891124098/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1366146836&sr=8-1&keywords=david+lyons+davids+goliath If I can help you in any way, reach out. In the meantime...never quit!