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MShacks: Memory and Cognition

Hi there, Shifters. The theme of the next set of MS hacks is memory and thinking. As I'm sure many of you will have experienced, sometimes MS makes it just that bit more difficult to keep details in your head, keep track of conversations, or think of that oh so witty comeback quickly enough. So, if this sounds familiar to you, what are your tips and tricks for managing? As usual, I will start: I had to admit that multi-tasking was no longer one of my strengths quite a while ago. Now, my life is about MONO-tasking: when doing tasks, give one thing all of your attention, rather than a bit to many. What do you do?

MONO Tasking doesn't work in my house. To many kids running around for me to just do one task at a time. I have found that I tend to wander when someone is talking to me if I'm reading something so I have to stop and listen to that one person. (Guess that's Mono Talking!) When I refer to Mono Tasking, I mean tasks not listening as I can do that if I chose to. I have a busy job where I'm constantly dotting back and forth between tasks so I am ok with that but things do get forgotten sometimes and I usually have a brain storm about it 5 mins later and remember what it was and get round to doing it before I forget. Tip: Stoping and thinking can help but if you can't remember within a minute or so, give up and try again in a little while. Don't overwork your mind as headaches start that way. Job: I work as a customer assistant in a food store. Hobbies: Coding Software, Playing Computer Games, Family (3 kids), Sleeping :D


It's wierd, I have times when my wife will say something to me and within minutes I know she said something but I have absolutely no idea what it was. Whilst that is going on I take part in quizzes and I am usually very productive. So what's going on in my head?